02 September 2008

My Heart Goes Wandering

Well, not exactly "wandering," per se but you get my drift.

Frank left this morning for Prague. Yep, the one in Europe. He's on his way there to help with a European press screening of the video game he's been art directing for the past 2 years.

As I type this he is sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for his plane that will whisk him off to one of the few major cities in Europe that wasn't bombed to bits during WW II. He'll be staying at a super-swanky hotel and, I think, will have Wed. to see the sights (I'm jealous of this). Thursday and Friday he'll be holed up in the hotel's conference rooms showing off his game (not so jealous). He comes home Saturday.

Over coffee this morning Frank asked, "Will you survive without me?"

"Just barely," was my half-joking reply.

When he was in San Diego, the kids were still on vacation and the most pressing thing on our agenda for the day was getting to karate class in the afternoon. Now, they're both in school which means I'll need to be up extra early to insure the morning runs smoothly (Frank's usually up before me so he can get the kids dressed while I'm in the shower). I'm usually not the one who takes them to school; Frank does. Additionally, I somehow have to be in two classrooms at once tomorrow evening for Parent Information Night at school.

I need to breathe.

After our coffee, I dropped Frank off at work and we kissed our good-byes. He lugged his suitcase out of the car and waved as he entered the building. As I drove away, there was a lump in my throat. I was missing him already.

Saturday seems so far away.


McBloggy said...

Good luck! Personally, I would demand to go along.

Quigs78 said...

Aww. You guys are the personification of 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.'

I wouldn't miss N because of what he does around here and how much help he is (or isn't, for that matter)...but the kids and I would miss him because we like to have him around. :)

Good luck this week! I hope it flies by!