18 September 2008

Many Happy Returns

Today I wish my husband, Frank, the happiest of birthdays.


Oh, and Frank? You are 38 today (or 31+7), lest you forget.

For those of you not in the know, my dear sweet husband has a memory akin to Swiss cheese (unless whatever fact he's trying to recall is superhero or comic book related then his mind is like a steel trap and it's a little Asperger-y). A perfect example of this happened a couple of years ago: Frank was at our local health clinic having some blood drawn. While the phlebotomist was readying her equipment (needles, vials, etc.) she chit-chatted with Frank and asked him how old he was. "31," he replied. It wasn't until after he had left the lab and was on his way to his car that he realized that he was, in fact, not 31. He was 37.

And he said last night that a watershed moment in his life came when he realized he was older than Batman.

Ah, Frank, you make me laugh and I love you.


Quigs78 said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Frank!

Misc - I hope you got to partake in some of last night's festivities! At least get some credit for being a supportive partner during crunch! :)

oliveloafdesign said...

that's funny...i've been doing that myself lately. also, my mother has been lying about her age so long that she's had to alter the ages of me & my brother (because it wouldn't make sense that a woman "her age" would have kids "our age")...so that makes it confusing as well. and i'm still on the fence on whether or not to be truthful about my age because...sometimes when i say how old OLD i am...people are in shock & awe (thank GODDESS i started retin-A AGES ago...and avoided the sun)....so THAT is fun...but also...since i look younger...why not just flippin say how old i am...?