09 September 2008

Mars Attacks Fashion

Another image from a pictorial in Harper's Bazaar, a never ending source of entertainment for me. Is it just me or do the kids in this shot look incredibly uncomfortable standing next to this woman? And how wrong is it that the little girl on the far right, who I'm guessing is 9 or 10, has a much healthier figure than the model.
When I showed this picture to Frank he said, "She [the model] looks like that character from Mars Attacks!" and he started doing that swivel-ly, gliding gait. If you've seen the film, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
I laughed out loud and realized that my husband was totally right. The model does look like that lady martian from Tim Burton's movie! I wonder if that was the "story" for the pictorial...

That makes much more sense than just showing the latest in "little black dresses."


Leeanthro said...

Was there a bigger story to this layout, because I am just not getting it. It certainly isn't making me want to buy that dress. And why is she hunched over?

Guess I'm not their target audience!

Misc said...

Nope, no article - just a pictorial. I didn't get it either.

The Fearless Freak said...

It looks like she has cramps or some kind of intestinal issues.

She is certainly not doing "ugly pretty". She should learn to "pose with the pain", if she wants to be a top model (can you tell I watch America's Next Top Model :) )

But yeah, I'm totally confused by that shoot.