03 September 2008

Blessing No. 4,000andsomething

Taking a cue from Mrs. Chicken, I am counting my blessings. Presently at the top of my list is my mom who watched the children this evening so I could attend Parent Info. Night at their school. What is amazing is that I asked her to do this this morning (I hadn't heard back from my regular sitter so I had to ask Mom). She didn't hesitate, she just asked, "What time do you need me at your house?"

She is currently reading Evan and Flynn a night-night book, like the awesome Nana she is.



Quigs78 said...

You're so very lucky. Even when we lived five minutes away from my parents, I never trusted them enough to watch my kids. It actually makes it easier that we're far away so I don't have to make excuses as to why they aren't allowed to babysit.

Give her an extra hug from me - good grandmas are hard to come by!

lbotp said...

My mom is a very hands-on grandma but she lives too far away. I consider myself to blessed to have someone like her in my life, I just wish she could be in two places at once :-).