04 September 2008

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

While I was tidying up the house this morning, I had the t.v. on for background noise. It was tuned to the Today show and as my luck would have it, the New Kids On The Block performed a couple of songs from their new album. I hated the New Kids twenty years ago. Today's Today performance revived my loathing with a vengeance. I had to find something to purge their "music" from my head.

The Barenaked Ladies have a song called "New Kid On The Block" on their almost perfect album Gordon. Alas, there is no video for it on You Tube.

This is the next best thing I could find. The Aquabats' wonderful song "The Cat With Two Heads" from Fury of The Aquabats. It contains the lyric "and it ate up the New Kids On The Block". Perfect. The audio quality isn't the best on this and it isn't the full version of the song but it'll do.


Jason said...

Seeing the title, I was expecting The White Stripes. Thanks for showing me something new!

Henny Penny said...

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McBloggy said...

I'm still a little shocked I didn't marry Joey. It was either going to be him or Prince William.