16 September 2008

Comics For The Poor

Evan and two of his good friends have come up with a brilliant idea: they are going to write and draw a series of comic books then sell those books and donate the money "to the poor," as Evan told me on the way home from school today.

My son has a knack for latching on to a cause and doing his damnedest to do what's right. Last year, he saved close to $100 for the World Wildlife Fund because he couldn't stand the idea of animals being killed.

And now he wants to do this.

I cannot express how proud I am of him and his friends.

I don't know how much they plan on selling their work for or when they're going to start (Sarah, any tips?).

But, good God, how I love that sweet, thoughtful, determined boy of mine.


sarah said...

Oh my!! Maybe your grandkids will be named Treepod, but what great parents they'll have. Good job, mama!!

Okay, this is my start-up advice; has Evan ever seen a mini-comic? The classic 1/2-page all b&w folded kind? That's what they should do, and they should work to that format NOW to avoid frustration later. (So, total pages will be a multiple of 4; and the art will need to fit on a 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" page when reduced.)

They should plan on selling them for $1, and make sure they are leaving room for profit after they get it copied and stapled. (Better to have a series of short comics than a huge one you have to charge a lot for.)

There are lots of resources online for making zines and those will help with the practical stuff. (And of course feel free to email me with questions!)

I'm afraid that when they get that first "printed" and stapled comic back from your local kinko's or staples or whatever that they may be addicted...so be prepared!!

the sandwich life said...

oh man I love sweet boys...

Guthrie said...

Your comic project was by far one of my favorite assignments ever!