31 August 2008

The Joy of Having A Boy

Today the family and I went to the mall so Frank could get a very much needed haircut. While we were there, of course, Evan had to use the bathroom in spite of the fact that he'd just gone 10 minutes beforehand.

I escorted him to the restroom and waited for him in the hall. When he came out he told me, "I think I need to wash my shoes when we get home."

"Oh, really? Why?" I asked.

"I wasn't really paying attention and kind of got some on my shoes." He was wearing his Crocs.

Then he added, "And my pants."


29 August 2008

Travel Plans

Conversation during dinner tonight took an interesting turn. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, her husband and two daughters are coming to visit for the day tomorrow and Frank wondered if there was anything interesting going on around town. I mentioned that the Cheese Festival is in full swing in Arthur (though with temps expected to be in the upper 80's, it might turn out to be a Fondue Festival), but I doubt the fam would want to spend more time in the car (other than the 3 hours it takes to get there from Chicago's northwest suburbs). Then Evan chimed in with, "We could go to Poopville."

"Poopville?" I replied.

"Yeah, Poopville. You know, where we went last year for the sweet corn festival."

"I think you mean Hoopeston."

"No, it was Poopville. It started with a 'p'."

"Is it right next to Peetown?" asked Flynn.

"Um, it's Hoopeston. I doubt there's a town called 'Poopville'. But you're right, the National Sweet Corn Festival is this weekend. But it's kind of a haul to get there. Remember how long it took to get there last year? I don't think Oma would want to drive there."

Me, either.

Because They're Coming To Town

Death Cab For Cutie is coming to Chambana! And if they're as good live as they were on Austin City Limits, then C-U's in for a very sweet treat.

This song, "Soul Meets Body", off of Plans literally gives me goosebumps every single time I hear it. "Soul Meets Body" never ever looses its magic for me. I just lurv it - there's such amazing song craft here. And it's such a beautiful love song - not saccharine at all but still with a touch of the melancholy (like 99% of Ben Gibbard's songs with Death Cab and Postal Service).

The video's a nice touch - I like the concept of music being this organic, alive being ("A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere").

If you don't like this song, I'm afraid there's something very wrong with you. You might want to see a doctor. But not the shrink from yesterday's post.

28 August 2008

Something To Keep In Mind

Just for future reference, you might not want to hold your therapy sessions at Starbuck's.

Like the guy I overheard this morning.

At first I thought they were just two guys talking, one rather loudly the other not so much, over a cup of joe. Then Loud Guy, who sounded just like Ira Glass, started talking about how he has a high sex drive and his boyfriend doesn't and he's afraid if he goes on medication it will diminish his creativity and the Quiet Guy mumbled something about the Loud Guy being an "external processor" and at that point I realized that I was haphazardly eavesdropping in on a therapy session.

Honestly, I was trying not to listen. I just wanted to enjoy my tall skinny vanilla latte and my book, but it's really hard not to hear when the only other audible voice is the Loud Guy talking about his problems and how he wants to see a psychiatrist before next week's appointment.

I mean, really, did they think they'd have any privacy meeting at a coffee shop?

27 August 2008

Makes My Heart Happy

Way back in the early-to-mid '90's Nickelodeon aired The Adventures of Pete & Pete, a show that I adored (still do). And the theme song, "Hey Sandy" by Polaris, rocked out loud. Pete & Pete was weird and kooky and nutty and absurd and most excellent. What's not to like in a show that had characters named Artie, The Strongest Man In The World or Endless Mike or guest-starred Iggy Pop (who played Michelle Trachtenberg's dad), Bebe Neuwirth, Steve Buscemi, and Kate Pierson & Fred Schneider of The B-52's? Do you know of any other kid's show that has (or had) that caliber of talent?

If you get the chance, either check it out for the first time or refresh your memory of this awesome show. It's out on DVD. In the meantime, make do with this.

26 August 2008

The Joys of Catalog Shopping

As much as I adore my trove of magazines, I think I like catalogs even more. This slightly unhealthy adoration of shopping via the mail reared its ugly head when I was a child. Every year we'd get a JC Penney wish book and I would pour over it again and again and again marveling at the glossy pages and persuasive writing (one day I, too, would write product copy not for toys but for computer games and it's not as exciting as it sounds). And I think I'm genetically predisposed to catalog shopping as my dad did 90% of his shopping through the mail.


In addition to the slick, run-of-the-mill Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Victoria's Secret catalogs I receive one from The Vermont Country Store, "purveyors of the practical and hard-to-find". The Vermont Country Store sells items that "must be useful, work, and make sense." That being said, I found these items nestled among the old-timey candy, matelasse bedspreads, and old-man aftershave (Bay Rhum!) in their Fall '08 catalog to be anything but:

What the hell? Who in their right mind would pay $12 (plus shipping) for 2 sticks?! Oh, but you get a brass nail to attach the "weather stick" to your house. Classy. I also like the illustrations: when it's sunny out your weather stick is erect and, I guess, when it's not the weather stick is flaccid and sweats like a mad dog.

I bet the person who had to write this copy had a field day. I also like that they tell you what color the "health step" is, but why only ivory? Why not designer colors?

Nothing says "fun" or "exciting" like a gray sweatshirt. People in Vermont must be hard up for some good times if short-sleeved sweatshirts and capri-length sweatpants induce thrills. Maybe that's what the weather stick's for.

The Vermont Country Store is as much entertainment as catalog and I look forward to my seasonal delivery. I mean, where else can you get "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific" shampoo and Horlicks malted milk tablets?

25 August 2008

Bye Bye Baby

Today the last vestiges of my children's babyhoods were carted off in the trunk of my husband's car destined for another family. Our high chair and baby backpack were the last evidence that my children were, indeed, once babies. One of Frank's co-workers is expecting baby no. 3 with his wife. Baby No. 3 is a surprise and they had already gotten rid of their baby-care items (their 2 boys are 6 and 3). And since we had ours collecting dust and taking up valuable space in the garage, Frank and I offered the high chair and backpack.

The high chair served us well through both Evan and Flynn and various other babies that came to visit. The backpack toted an 8-month-old Evan through Washington, D.C. and, when he was older, Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario (and other more local excursions). I don't think Flynn spent as much time in the backpack. She didn't like it as much as her brother did; she preferred the hip-carrier.

But it was time for those things to go.

My husband and I have bandied around the idea of having our own Baby No. 3, but have firmly decided that we like the status quo. We have 2 great kids, why tempt fate? When we first talked about having kids it was always 2 or 3. When Evan was born, it never crossed my mind that we wouldn't have another child; it was a given that Evan would someday have a sibling. But when I was pregnant with Flynn we talked in "if"'s not "when"'s: "If we have another."

Now both my babies are in school all day. I remember when they were new and I felt the same way then as I do now; I love spending my time with them, maddening as they can be at times. They are growing into themselves and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I tell them every day that I am so lucky to be their mom.

Looking into my eyes Frank asked, "Are you sure?" as we placed the high chair and baby backpack in his car's trunk. He was asking me if I was certain I wanted to give away those items and, not so obviously, asking me if I was sure we weren't having any more babies.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

On both counts.

Plus, if I get the hankerin' for a baby, I can just give Mrs. Chicken a call to see if I can hold this little guy for a bit.

22 August 2008

Day 2 or Just Because She's So Cute

Flynn modeling her school uniform.

Flynn and her beloved doll, Sophie. Note the matching uniforms.

5 Things About Meme

Leeanthro at Soy Is The New Black tagged me for this so here goes:

1. Post the rules of the game at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags five people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read the player's blog.
4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answer.

What were you doing five years ago?
Managing a newborn and a 2.5-year-old.

What are five things on your to-do list for today?
1. Go to the post office
2. Get lawn bag stickers
3. Meet a friend for lunch
4. Laundry
5. Help Frank clean out the garage

What are five snacks you enjoy?
1. Chocolate anything
2. Popcorn
3. Apple slices drizzled with honey
4. Hummus and cuke slices
5. A couple of slices of baguette topped with melted brie

What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Build the dream house we've always wanted
2. Travel with my family
3. Pay for my children's college, grad school, post-grad/law, medical or vet school
4. Frank could retire and buy that comic book/coffee shop he's dreamed of
5. Ensure the Wildlife Medical Clinic, that my father founded at UIUC, continues its service

What are five of your bad habits?
1. Procrastination
2. Obsessiveness
3. Not keeping in regular touch with friends and family
4. Overindulging in chocolate
5. Not allowing myself "me time"

What are five places where you have lived?
1. Minnesota
2. Tolono, IL
3. Charleston, IL
4. Villa Grove, IL
5. Urbana, IL

What are five jobs you've had?
1. Substitute teacher
2. Costume designer
3. Temp secretary
4. High School teacher
5. Copy writer/editor

Five people I tag: (a few of the local ladies)
1. Carrie at The Freak Family Follies
2. Quigs at 2 Kids, 3 Cats and a Blog
3. Lavender Lemonade at Limes, Lemons and Beautiful Yarn
4. Noelle at Mommy Queen of Everything
5. Amy at Life Interrupted

21 August 2008

First Day '08

Today was Flynn's first day of kindergarten and she handled it like a pro, as I knew she would. She has 3 years of preschool under her belt and she's excited to finally be in the same school with her big brother. Evan started 2nd grade and mentioned yesterday that "because he knows all the rules of the school he's a professional student." Those last two words made me a little anxious as I foresaw endless tuition bills.

On our way into school this morning. Flynn looked so adorable in her plaid uniform jumper and peter pan collar blouse (with matching plaid hair scrunchy). Evan cut a rather dapper figure in his polo and shorts.

She might need a taller chair.

As we were waiting for her class to be dismissed, Frank watched as other kindergartners filed by then remarked to me, "Flynn's really tiny. I never really realized how little she is." She is a tiny thing (the size 4 jumper is rather roomy and they don't make them any smaller than that), but she comes from little people (on my side of the family; Frank's family are all tall).

The first day was a success and left both kids wanting more. Evan was so happy to be back at school and Flynn's sure to follow in his footsteps (she's very excited for tomorrow as they're learning about hands, or so she says).

Here's to a great school year!

20 August 2008

Cleaning House

Actually, I just did Evan's room. And, boy, did it need it. The good thing is it's all neat and tidy and ready for the school year to begin tomorrow.

What's even better than that is Evan has decided to relinquish his Rescue Heroes. So. If any of you locals have a preschooler who digs the Rescue Heroes, I have close to a metric ton's worth seeking a new home. All are in excellent gently used condition, but in a jumble and I don't really know what all we have so please don't ask me for a specific character or set. If you want 'em let me know.

Also available is a pre-recall Brio toddler train set. It's a small set, but I believe all the pieces are there and it's very cute with a circus theme. This is in impeccable condition as Evan was never really a train kid (his train phase was intense but very short-lived).

Now on to Flynn's room and to enlist my children's help in picking up the Legos off my bedroom floor. Wish me luck.

19 August 2008

An "Oldie" But A Goodie

The Caesars are a band from Sweden that cracked the U.S. college music scene in 2005. I just love their sound. Maybe it's the Moog, but I hear echoes of excellent 60's pop in their songs. They are truly groovy. This song, "It's Not The Fall That Hurts," is one of my favorites to run to and is from their '05 album Paper Tigers.

The video's not that great, so you can close your eyes and just enjoy the song.

18 August 2008

Brief Notes

1. For those interested, I purchased the Tin Tin posters from All Posters. The ones I posted are in English (duh) but the ones All Posters sells and, thus, the ones hanging on my son's bedroom walls are in the original published language of French.

2a. This weekend we saw not one but two, yes two, movies at the theater. Saturday evening Frank and I trucked the kids over to my mom's and then hightailed it out of there so we could go see the new Batman flick. I know, I know, it's been out over a month but you know life with kids. And add in Frank's cah-ray-zee work schedule and you get very few date nights. We both loved The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger was uber creepy, and perfect, as the Joker. Frank was a bit peeved that the character of Harvey Dent (aka Two Face) died but overall thought the movie was outstanding. I'm inclined to agree.

2b. Yesterday, the four of us saw the Star Wars animated feature, The Clone Wars. I wasn't expecting to be astounded and I wasn't, but the kids both said it was "awesome". Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the film (except for Ahsoka calling R2 "artooie" - that got on my nerves). The animation's nice, though I prefer the original Clone Wars cartoon style. The 3D animation's ok (at certain point it's a bit stiff) as is the story (yes, it is for SW's younger audience), but I just didn't love it. There were moments I could've fallen asleep (though the fact that I went to bed at midnight the night before and was up early with the kids may have contributed to this). Clone Wars was Evan and Flynn's first Star Wars movie experience in a theater and they had a great time.

3. Today I rose before sunrise. On purpose. The school my children attend has what's called "fee day" the Monday before school begins. Our school, being a parochial one, does not have a PTA. We have Parent Club and I sit on the board. I mention this because Parent Club organizes Fee Day and board members are encouraged to help out by manning various tables in the gym (this year I helped with lunch duty sign up). I prefer to work the earliest shift, from 6:30 a.m. until 9, not only because it gives me first crack at going through the used uniform bins (everything's $1 and in excellent shape. I snagged a few sweatshirts for Evan and a jumper and sweater for Flynn), signing up for class parties, Parent Club fund raisers (we have 2 major ones during the school year) and other volunteer opportunities, but more importantly I get to leave my kids at home until Frank leaves for work and he drops them off with me.

4. We met Flynn's kindergarten teacher today. I'm happy to report that Mrs. C is going to be an excellent teacher for Flynn; she's friendly and kind and raved over the giant Hannah Montana tattoo on Flynn's bicep (an indulgence from her Papa). As we walked to the car Flynn said with a smile, "I think I'm going to like her."

5. Evan got the teacher he wanted, Sister V. He's thrilled that "the girl he's going to marry" is in his class again (they've been together since kindergarten). Despite being so happy, he declined an invitation to the pool. He has a touch of a cold and put on his pj's as soon as we got home today, which was 11:30. He camped out in my room and watched a Shark Week dvd we rented.

6. I have a new job: substitute teacher. I decided to return to teaching, though not full-time and subbing at my children's school is the best way to do it. We'll all be on the same schedule and I can pick and choose the days I work. When I told the secretary that I preferred working with the upper grades, I thought she was going to kiss my feet with gratitude. She said most subs like to work with the "little ones." I taught high school. I like the older kids but I'll go where they need me.

7. School starts on Thursday.

16 August 2008

The Quilt From Outer Space

After some fits and starts with making the binding (I had to remember how since it's been over 2 years since I made any), I finished Evan's "space" quilt this afternoon and it turned out really nice. Each stitch is sewn with love. And by "love" I mean cat hair as Bootsie routinely naps in my dining room cum sewing room. Evan loves the quilt, which is the most important thing.

The blanket looks good on his bed and matches his room. The solid colors of the quilt mimic the colors on his walls (3 of the walls are light blue, one wall has a photo mural of a lunar landscape, the wall opposite has a series of horizontal stripes of varying widths in kelly green, red, orange, yellow and black). I matched the paint to the bold, saturated colors of these two Tin Tin covers, which are hanging on his walls:

Mission accomplished!

15 August 2008

Going To The Movies, We Are

The first words out of Flynn's mouth this morning: "Clone Wars opens today."

My family has been so excited to see this movie ever since we heard about it a couple of years ago from a friend in the know (he gets all kinds of inside info.).

We're going Sunday. That is, if Evan doesn't explode from anticipation before then.

13 August 2008


1. Stupid Comcast. We were without Internet access (including e-mail) for 2 days. Argh!

2. I'm spending waaaay too much time watching TV. The Olympics are addicting. I'm fairly convinced that Chen Yibing of the Chinese men's gymnastics team is a robot. Just watch his still rings routine. This is pretty much the routine he did a couple of days ago, but this video's from the '07 World Championships.

See? Robot. He's just too precise to be human. And swimmer Michael Phelps? He's a robot, too. It's the Robolympics!

3. We have recovered from party-palooza '08. Last Sat. evening we traveled to Philo to join my sister in celebrating my niece's 3rd birthday. Emmy wore her penguino dress, which she loves. Sunday we had two dozen of Flynn's closest friends and their parents (and siblings) over to celebrate her birthday (we're 3 weeks late, so sue me). The kids played out in the back yard, jumping in and out of various kiddie pools. Evan and a couple of the older kids spent their time building Lego structures and playing Star Wars. We had cake from Meijer's and I made 4 different kinds of ice cream; watermelon (a family favorite), Alton Brown's recipe for banana ice cream, a raspberry-blackberry sorbet, and a chocolate-cinnamon frozen yogurt. That sounds really Martha Stewart-ish, but it's really easy to make ice cream with an ice cream maker.

I think a good time was had by all. I'm not very social by nature but I love to put on a good party, especially for my kids.

4. I had finished the top to Evan's quilt before we left for Cleveland and hope to have the entire quilt done before SCHOOL STARTS next week. I'm backing it in white flannel and will bind it in red flannel. The batting is organic cotton and I'm quilting in 3 different colors of thread: red, kelly green and royal blue. I hope I have enough thread to finish the quilt.

5. Flynn said she's finished with karate. It's a total pain in the bum to wrestle her into her uniform and cajole her into attending class, now that she's in the "big kid" class with her brother. It's not fun for her anymore, so I'm not going to force her to continue. She did tell me she wants to do gymnastics again (both she and Evan took lessons at the Y until for some wacky reason the Y decided it would be a good idea to have little kid classes at 6:30 at night. That doesn't work for us.). We won't be returning to the Y, so maybe another gym this time around? Any ideas?

09 August 2008

I Think She Could Bench-Press My Car

I don't normally watch sports. I don't get revved up by the World Series or professional sports, in general. In the college town where I live football and men's basketball are like air to most of my neighbors, but not me. Most of the time, I couldn't care less.

Except for when the Olympics roll around. I watch whatever's on and I'm not partial to any particular country, the USA included. Sure, it's nice when the athletes representing score a medal, but for me that's not what the Olympics are about. I love the beauty and skill and athleticism of every sport involved. This morning, between making batches of ice cream for Flynn's "beach party" tomorrow, I parked my rear on the couch, flipped between MSNBC and USA, and watched men's singles' badminton, women's handball, women's beach volleyball, and the women's clean-and-jerk weightlifting competitions.

I found the weightlifting to be incredibly inspiring. MSNBC showed the women's 48-kilogram weight class. For us non-metric folk, these gals weigh in at less than 105 pounds. Each of these women are tiny little things that can lift over 250 pounds. The gold medal winner, China's Chen Xiexia (pictured above), lifted an Olympic record-tying 115k (247 pounds). She stopped there because she'd already scored the gold. And she lifted those 247 pounds like she was picking up a child. Pretty astounding.

I'll keep her in mind the next time I contemplate skipping-out on my weight-training workouts.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some sporting events to watch...

07 August 2008

This Ought Ta Do It

This should get those effing Jonas Brothers out of my head.

Gotta give some love to the Ewoks (my kids' very favorite Star Wars characters, after the droids).

06 August 2008

For My Niece Emmy On Her Birthday

This is a clip of Andrea McArdle, the first girl to play Annie on Broadway and, man, does she have a voice or what?!

My niece Emmy is 3 years old today and this is her favorite song (she sang it repeatedly on our trip to and from Ohio last week). Emmy also told me today that she's wearing big-girl underpants and she was going to keep them dry all day because they have penguins on them.


Incidentally, Emmy has a birthday buddy in Mrs. Chicken's new little guy, Henry/Shaggy/Crusher. So welcome to the world, much anticipated little man.

The Poet and The Star or A Study In Contrasts

Yesterday on the way to my step-dad's office for the kids' dental appointments Evan mused, as he was gazing out the car window, "The sky looks like a bruise."

I thought it rather poetic and true - the sky to the south was, indeed, a steely purpley-blue; very bruise-like.

This is the latest in Flynn's Post-It note series. She drew this last night "for Miley Cyrus because she's my biggest fan." She also wants to write a letter to the Jonas Brothers to tell them "I like their music and if they want to they can come over to my house and sing to me."

05 August 2008

Sick Kitty

Our cat, Bootsie, will be 12 years old next month. She's a great cat (gentle disposition, never gone outside the litter box since she was introduced to it at 8 weeks of age, cutest meow on the planet [for a big cat she "meeps" more than meows]) and we've had her since she was practically born. Or, rather, she's had us. We love our Bootsie-woo, as Flynn calls her.

So imagine my horror when, this morning, I saw her trying to pee on one of Flynn's canvas tote bags that was lying on the family room floor. She's never, ever, ever done that before. After I shooed her away, I noticed there wasn't very much urine and it was tinged red.

My dad was an internationally respected veterinarian (and he taught hundreds of others to be veterinarians) so I know what blood in the urine means for a cat. Worse case scenario: her kidneys were shutting down and then we'd need to put her down, which I'm not ready to do. The thought that my cat could be dying (never mind she's peeing blood and most likely in pain) panicked me and sent me to the yellow pages.

Because until today we did not have a vet.

For the past 6 years, I've known that we needed to take Boots in for annual check-ups, but couldn't bring myself to replace my dad. Irrational, yes, but deep abiding grief is not rational.

I did not know where to start. The small animal clinic where my dad taught and practiced does not see patients (they haven't for about 6 years, which is kind of stupid because how are future vets going to get any good if they can't practice what they're learning). Running my fingers through the phone book listings, I thought, "I wish my dad were here." I miss him every day, but it's when I have questions or concerns about our cat I miss him the most. I miss his knowledge and the way he explained things to me. The free animal care didn't hurt, either.

Then I remembered that a friend takes his cat to a doc in Urbana so I called them and was told there wasn't a vet in the building today but would I want to the number of the place they refer to. Sure, I said. Called the other doc in Urbana and was put on terminal hold then disconnected. So much for them.

There is an animal hospital about 3 minutes from my house. I called and explained the situation. They told me to bring Bootsie in an hour and a half at 9:30. I did and when meeting the doctor, he told me he had worked with my dad. In fact, my dad was the one who hired him at the clinic. Upon hearing this, I was immediately put at ease because this doc had my dad's stamp of approval. He's good at what he does, Dr. Davis - excellent bed-side manner, knows his stuff, didn't talk down to me, brings his kids to work with him (he has 7-year-old twins and a 5-year-old).

They gave Bootsie a sonogram to see if there were any stones in her bladder or kidneys (nope) or any lesions (nope as well). They were able to get a small urine sample and said, yes there's blood but no crystals. The crystals would mean something serious but the diagnosis is Bootsie has a general UTI and is now on antibiotics, which I will give her 2 times a day.

My poor old kitty cat is now curled up under the guest room bed sleeping off her stressful morning. I'm hopeful the drug works its mojo and she's back to normal soon.

I can't help but feel my dad had a hand in finding our new vet.

Thanks, Dad.

04 August 2008

For The Love Of God

Somebody please, please, please get the Jonas Brothers out of my head!

Although, if I were 10 years old I'd be crazy for these boys. Both my kids dig their music and we've listened to their CD off and on since I bought it for them last November.


I really don't want this earworm anymore, so please help me.

03 August 2008

Kids in Cleveland

Flynn and Rick and Cindy's neighbor's dog, Bailey. The kids fell in love with this dog, as evidenced by the photo. It looks like Bailey taught Flynn a new trick as well.

Evan having a good time in Rick & Cindy's neighbor's pool.

Uncle Rick giving Evan the fine points of river navigation. Evan is actually driving the boat. I took this as we maneuvered out of the river and into the harbor, where Rick let Evan drive fast.

Emmy looking out on Grand River on my uncle's boat as we return to the slip from our jaunt on the lake. She did not want the boat to slow down.

My niece, Ashlyn, not having a good time on the swings at the boat club. She's usually in a good mood, but I took this after a full morning at Farmpark and an afternoon of swimming. She was tired and fell dead asleep in the 10 minutes it takes to get from the boat club to my aunt and uncle's house. I still love this picture of her.

02 August 2008

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

I had every ambition of running a 5k race this morning.


When I decided to run, I did not realize how exhausted I would feel after driving many, many hours yesterday on the return trip from Cleveland. Or how tired I would be after a week on vacation with my children and my sister and her two daughters (I love them all to distraction and, honestly, my sister is one of my best friends. This vacation was easy peasy, but just plain tiring). And I didn't realize my husband would still be working 7 days a week.

So I did not run the 5k this morning.

I'm feeling a little guilty about it.

01 August 2008

I'm Baaaaaack

Arrived safe and sound around 5-ish this afternoon following what should've been an 8-hour drive (more like 10 with various potty stops and a lunch break), 1 poopy pull-up blowout, and 400 miles of my nearly 3 year-old niece singing "Tomorrow" from Annie (it's insanely cute and hilarious - "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Ah yubba [I love ya'], tomorrow!").

Had a fab time in Cleveland and points between (Indy's amazing Children's Museum and Fort Rapids in Columbus).

Pictures to be seen soon after I sleep (as I was up at 5 a.m. today).

So happy to be home.