25 March 2008

Clean Slate

Over the weekend I decided to add some more music to my mp3 player. I'd only gotten 4 or 5 songs on it when I was notified that the disk was full. I figured I'd delete some old stuff to make room for the new, but after trying just about everything I could not access the music I'd added using my old laptop (that died about a year ago). I was so frustrated that I considered just buying a new player and even went so far as to price them online.

I ended up reformatting my mp3 player - effectively wiping out all previous uploads and starting afresh. A little Spring cleaning, if you will.

These are some of the artists that now reside on my mp3 player:

Ayano Tsuji, a Japanese singer/musician whose stuff is very different from mainstream J-pop music. I don't know what the titles are for her songs, since they are in Japanese. All I know is that she makes awesome music. I first came across her music in the animated film, The Cat Returns, and then heard NPR's interview with her on "Weekend Edition". She's a little folkie and plays the ukulele.

The Beastie Boys and Alice Cooper.

Adam and The Ants, a throw-back to my teen years when my friend Deanna and I were into Adam Ant big-time. And Oingo Boingo.

Amy Winehouse

The B-52's were on my mp3 player before (I'm a big fan and can't wait to hear the new album) but this time around I added stuff from their Mesopotamia/Party Mix disc. Fun and energetic music - perfect for the gym.

A couple of Daft Punk and Bloc Party songs.

Another couple of my favorite groups from the 80's: Duran Duran and Depeche Mode.

Feist. Gosh, I just love her.

The "Feel Good Inc." remix from Gorillaz's D-Sides disc.

I stumbled upon Jonathan Coulton while browsing Yahoo! News. His "nerd rock" is smart, well-crafted and hilarious. "Code Monkey" is my favorite song of his.

Loads of Junior Senior.

Several songs from the best thing to come out of Norway, Sondre Lerche. If you've never heard his music, you're missing out on a very good thing. WILL used to have a sort of video juke box show on late Sunday nights. One night I happened to be awake and channel surfing when I came across this show, which played lots and lots of good videos by such artists as The Shins and Badly Drawn Boy. After a BDB video they showed Sondre Lerche's "Two Way Monologue," prompting me to purchase the disc of the same title the next day. I am now a confirmed Sondre Lerche fan.

I'm surprised I didn't have any Talking Heads on my player before, but they are on there now.

Those of you with small children will probably remember Steve Burns from Blues Clues. Did you know he put out an album, titled "Music for Dust Mites", not long after he left the show? I have it and it's pretty good, certainly distancing him from his kid-friendly TV persona. I included the first track, "Mighty Little Man," which never fails to energize me with the lyric, "Nobody else is stronger than I am/'Cause today I moved a mountain/I would like to be your hero/I am a mighty little man."

Venus Hum opened for Blue Man Group a couple of years ago on the "How To Be A Rock Star" tour. The group is comprised of 3 people: 2 guys on computers and 1 girl singer, who's quite petite but has a big voice (think Judy Garland big or Jane Horrocks if you've ever seen the movie Little Voice). I love their album, Montana and most of the songs on my player are taken from that disc. Cool, fun electronica.

Speaking of Blue Man Group, the couple of times I've seen their touring show they've encored with "Baba O'Riley" by The Who, a song that can power me through the most difficult of work outs. My adrenalin starts pumping the second I hear that opening fluttering synthesizer and I love those opening chords - they just hammer through me. So, of course, The Who's version is on my player. I put "Pinball Wizard" and "Happy Jack" on there too for good measure.

U2 is a band I've been hooked on since I saw them for the first time when Nickelodeon televised their concert at Red Rocks in 1983 and they are sufficiently represented on my mp3 player with songs spanning the entirety of their career.

Presidents of the United States of America
We Are Scientists
New York Dolls
The Ramones
Peter Bjorn and John

And I still have room for more.

Any suggestions?


oliveloafdesign said...

well...yes...i'm still obsessed with crowded house & neil finn...

they're new again! :)

(blogged about them today)

i love feist too.
ryan adams
the shins

Cynthia said...

I'm feeling too dull for suggestions but I must say kudos on the Dolls.....

oliveloafdesign said...

omg and i totally forgot that a few weeks ago...i was waitin for the bus outside of the double door...a black bus pulls up & out tumbles freakin david johansen! i said holy crap david johansen...he heard me & laughed & said hey, how's it goin? *yay!* (my musically retarded friend said who is the new york dolls...then i broke up with her, ha!)

oliveloafdesign said...

oh yeah...and if you like amy winehouse....duffy is the new amy...

i have a vid on my blog:


oh...and...get a babysitter & come up for the crowded house concert!