17 March 2008

Coolest Fabric EVER!

I found this back on the 50% off table at my local Hancock Fabrics store. I bought 3 yards of it.

Really, I should not be allowed to shop in there by myself because I have zero self-control when it comes to fabric.

At least today I only spent $32, which is a pittance compared to what I could've spent.


Katherine said...

Oh that is cool. I wish I were a more crafty person.

sarah said...

OMG that is hysterical. What are you going to do with it?!

Misc said...

I have plans for a baby quilt for a friend (that will use about 3/4 of a yd.). After that I may make my daughter a jumper.

Catch Her In the Wry said...

I always knew it was cool to be a nerd. Love the fabric!

oliveloafdesign said...

cute! post the finished results! hey missy..it's been a while! here's my new blog...the pre-cursor to my design/crafty website!