26 March 2008

Sole Survivor

Since we belong to a cooperative, today was my day to volunteer in my daughter's preschool classroom. We arrived at 8:50, our requisite time since I was to be supervising the art project (and it was our turn to bring snack). Flynn's teacher told me the class was going to be small as at least 7 children were out sick - vomiting and running a fever.

By 9:00 the class number had dwindled to a possible 5 and we decided to take a field trip across the hall to combine our class with the 3 year-old class (they were down 2 or 3 kids with the same symptoms). We were still the only people there representing the 4/5 year-old class.

The phone rang at 9:05 and we were down to 3.

By 9:30 Flynn was the lone representative of her class - the only one not sick out of 15 kids. And I'm beginning to think my child has a constitution made of steel.

At this point, Flynn decided she didn't want to stay in the 3's class even though she's friendly with a few of the children in that class and she said she wanted to go home.

So here we are.

With snack for 15 kids and 3 adults.

If you want a banana, some chocolate chip mini muffins, and some Cheerio snack mix I have plenty.

As long as you're not running a fever or throwing up.


Leeanthro said...

I am in fear for the next 48 hours! I hope we aren't sick too and that we don't give it to the baby.

I can understand why she didn't want to stay. I can't believe she's the only one who didn't get sick in her class! She must have super immunity!

Mrs. Chicken said...

OH GOOD GOD NOT THE STOMACH FLU! If I didn't have to work tomorrow morning I would keep The Poo home. That building must be crawling with it.

I'm not going to tempt karma or fate, but suffice to say we've had it three years running so far.


Katherine said...

Good thing you went home. I love my kid but I'm not looking forward to the germy years.

Leeanthro said...

The teachers went around with Lysol disinfecting every door knob and table this morning. The majority of the 3's were fine.