13 March 2008

What The Cat Thinks As Translated By Flynn

While I was sitting at the kitchen table having my morning cup of tea, our cat Bootsie decided to join me. She hopped up on my lap for either some pets or her feet were cold and needed warming. She was purring her enormously loud purr so I'm inclined to think she just wanted some affection but you never can tell with cats.

When Flynn saw this she immediately stopped dressing her Barbies and came over to love on the cat. She can't not touch the cat, something Bootsie tolerates well (until she's had enough "loving" and either gives Flynn a little growl or pops her one on the hand).

"Mommy," she said, "Bootsie thinks you are comfortable. She thinks you are a bean bag. That's what she said."

Great. All that work at the gym and my cat still thinks I'm a bean bag.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Don't feel bad everyone knows cats are incredibly judgmental.