26 March 2008

Survivor Update

Well, apparently Flynn was one of two kids to survive The Great Purge of '08.

Her teacher, however, has not been so lucky.

I just got a call from another parent, the school's personnel chair, telling me school is canceled for Flynn's class tomorrow because Flynn's teacher is home vomiting (in my mind I'm hearing strains of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust"). We do have a sub list, which I am on, but we made an executive decision to not hold class since 99% of the kids are sick.

I guess it's time to fumigate the building. Or at least the 4/5's classroom.


Today was my day to carpool home from Evan's school. Usually, the boys (my son and his friend that I bring home) play for about 15-20 minutes while N's mom and I chat. Not today. N went inside, told his mom he was hot, and didn't come back out.

Later, I received an email from N's mom letting me know he has a fever of almost 103.

We're getting hammered on both fronts now.

I'm just praying my kids continue to dodge this illness, especially since my MIL & SIL (and her 2 daughters) are supposed stop by for a visit on their way home to Chicago from Missouri. We haven't seen my nieces or SIL since Christmas and it's been over a month since we've seen my MIL (my kids are jonesing for their Oma).

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Leeanthro said...

Just got word that one of the kids today starting puking in the car not two hours after school. Probably good you left.

Maybe they should cancel the entire school for the rest of the week.

What I couldn't believe that one kid whose sibling puked all night was brought to school. Come on people, if one is staying home, leave them both home.

I am hoping and praying that we all don't get it!