20 January 2008

Ear Worm Take 2

My musical tastes tend to be fairly firmly planted in the alternative, although I like a bit of everything. The ushering in of the new year usually sees me buying a bunch of music and the inauguration of 2008 was no different.

The past couple of weeks saw me purchasing Cd's by The Ramones and Blondie (I can't believe I didn't have any in my catalog before now), The Magic Numbers, Spoon, The "Shrek The Third" soundtrack (which has tracks from Eels and a wicked version of Fergie sounding very Ann Wilson-like on Heart's "Barracuda"), The Thrills, The Kooks, Daft Punk, Bloc Party, Flaming Lips, KT Tunstall, and Kaiser Chiefs. I also received a couple of mix discs for Christmas, which I love. Good, better, best! I'm like a kid in a candy store - I don't know what to listen to next.

Yet none of this great, awesome, thrilling music is stuck in my head. No, my brain is currently playing a remix of Alice Cooper's "School's Out" and The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage".

I have no one to blame but myself.

It all started while I was at Wal-Mart and saw a display for $5 Cd's. I picked up an "Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits" compilation and thought, "'School's Out' and 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' aren't too bad and he seems like a pretty cool person, at least he was on 'The Muppet Show'." So I bought it. And for some bizarre reason I bought a lyrically sanitized Beastie Boys compilation on half.com. When I first heard the Beastie Boys 20 years ago, I thought they were crap. And when a dear friend of mine put one of their songs on a mix tape, I wondered what drugs he was on. Now, I own AND LIKE a Beastie Boys CD. My son and I drive around in my beige mini-van bobbing our heads in time with "Intergalactic", "Money Maker" and the previously mentioned "Sabotage." What's more frightening is that I think I know all the lyrics.

That's all well and good but I wish these songs would get the hell out of my brain. I pray to God this ear worm isn't here as long as my beloved Guadalcanal Diary's "Always Saturday" (13 years!).

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Lisa B-K said...

Ever been to Parasol Records in Urbana?

Now there's a musical shopping experience. It's a warehouse, and it's messy, but the people there know the most about music in this burg, hands down.

Full disclosure: I used to work there 10 years ago AND I'm married to one of the guys who runs the labels. Music was my life for many years, though, and I can tell you objectively that these guys don't kid around.

(They can also special-order anything yr heart desires! Any ear worm you can dream up!)