11 March 2008

My 2 Cents

Is it just me or does Eliot Spitzer's wife look super pissed, like she's about to deck her husband? I mean, she has every right as her husband, New York's current governor and former state's attorney whose entire political career has been centered on prosecuting organized & white-collar crime, has been linked to a prostitution ring.

And how about apologizing, not just to his family, but to his wife? He didn't mention that in his brief statement yesterday (most of which was comprised of his ideology concerning politics).

Normally, I don't feel compelled to comment on political happenings, but this photo struck me as kind of funny and sad. You can just see the curses she's lobbing at him in her head.

My guess is that this guy's political career is dead in the water, and pundits were stating he was on the short list to be a running mate for Hilary Clinton. For someone apparently so smart, he sure is dumb.


Katherine said...

Wow I'd be choking him with that double strand of pearls!

Mom said...

Yeah, I just don't get the "stand by your man thing"

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