03 March 2008

The Search Is Over

You may recall my search for an inexpensive swim suit. Ugh.

Well, I searched high and low in town for something that fit well and didn't look hideous. I struck out on both occasions so I turned to the internet.

I've long been a fan of Lands' End swim suits so I tried there first. Didn't see anything that struck my fancy. Ditto for Eddie Bauer, L.L Bean, Talbot's and just about everywhere else. I know, I'm picky.

My next stop was Athleta. I recalled that a family friend had a great looking suit from there and she raved about their clothing so I checked out their site. Tons of cute suits to choose from, albeit a touch expensive (comparable to the aforementioned sites), but I couldn't resist. I settled on this sweet little number:

(if you can't tell from the picture, the bottoms are shorts)

and this one:

I justified buying 2 suits because come summer time, I practically live in my swim wear. My kids are like fish so we head to the pool whenever we can.

The suits arrived today and I tried them on. Both fit like a dream - just the right amount of coverage and not too tight. I love the shorts, but wish they had pockets like my old ones from Lands' End (which they don't make anymore). Overall, I'm a very happy camper.

Oh, I also ordered a french terrycloth skirt that was on clearance - it's a nice orange that will be perfect for summer.

If I were made of money you can bet your sweet bippy I'd be buying most of my clothes from Athleta. Very cute, well made clothing for active women. I only wish they offered petite sizes or at least pants in a short length. I will be ordering from them again.

In the meantime, you'll be able to spot me at the pool.

1 comment:

Leeanthro said...

Both suits are very cute!

I'm just hoping to lose enough not to have to wear my maternity suit again!