12 March 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Hey, this is my first tag and it's kind of exciting, though I'm not too sure if I can come up with 5 interesting facts about me! Thanks, Carrie!

OK, here goes...

1. I'm ambidextrous but favor my left hand. My dad was the same way, but wrote with his right hand. My son is a lefty, like me, but only decided this last year as he could use both hands equally. I can write with both hands and switch hit.

2. Today, while at Bergner's, I tried on a pair of shorts in the junior's department THAT WERE THE SAME SIZE I WORE IN HIGH SCHOOL (and they fit)! I was stunned, amazed and then rather giddy.

3. My eyes change color from dark brown to light green, depending on the light and what I'm wearing. This is a trait I inherited from my paternal great-grandmother (her eyes were the same) as my mom has dark brown eyes and my dad's eyes were grey-blue. Genetics is fun!

4. I have a deep-seated fear of deep, dark water. If I can't see the bottom, I'm not going in. Just the thought of being in, say, the ocean (or even a pond or lake) where I could not see what's underneath me creeps me out. I saw a psychic once who told me that in a past life I was on an ocean liner that sunk and I drowned so that's where this comes from. Uh-huh. I like being on large bodies of water, just not in them.

5. I began reading independently when I was 3 years old, or so says my mom. I have no recollection of this but I do know I was reading well above grade level throughout my schooling and was one of 3 kids that could read in my kindergarten class (one was my best friend Ann and the other was a kid named Mark).

Allrighty, I think that's it. I'm going to tag Katherine, Mrs. Chicken, Wordy Diva, Lisa over at Champaign Taste (maybe some food facts?), and Little Blog on the Prairie.

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Katherine said...

Juniors sizes! I don't know if I like you anymore. Just kidding. Yep, townie here. I lived in Champaign from 2-8 and then in Fisher.

We haven't been outdoors yet, but after she gets up from her nap we're headed to the park.

Katherine said...

Hey, I'm not sure but did you try to email me? It looked like you did but my email's been funky and then the message disappeared before I could read it. Of course, it could also be resending me notification that you commented on my blog.

Mom said...

I fully and completely feel you on the dislike of dark water. I love pools, I will wade in the ocean (for some reason the ocean doesn't bother me nearly as much as lakes) but I hate lakes and ponds. My IL have a second home on a lake and they keep wanting us to come and swim there and I keep going back to my 80s roots and I "just say no". Then they tell me all these "funny" stories about the snakes that live near the lake, like that is going to help matters :)

Lisa B-K said...

I went ahead and responded! Thanks for the tag.

Lisa said...

Hi Misc, thanks for thinking of me! I did one of these personal memes, once, and I think that'll be it—I kind of just like to stick to the foodie stuff (or maybe I just can't think of five interesting food-related facts about myself). I hope you're not offended! Cheers.