29 May 2008

Turning It Up A Notch

Once in a blue moon I get the opportunity to watch a little day-time TV, usually BBC America. Today after cleaning up the house, the kids and I sat down to view You Are What You Eat, hosted by England's resident health-nut, holistic nutritionist Gillian McKeith. She ambushes heavy-weight people and bullies them into a healthier life-style, one that includes ditching a diet comprised mainly of take-aways and lots of sugar, caffeine, and refined everything. Not a fruit or veg in sight. Exercise? Fugeddaboutit.

One of her little tricks is to lay out a week's worth of food and confront the guilty party. Each table's offerings are very, well, brown and rather disgusting. Then she shows the person a table full of what their diet will be for the next two months, a veritable rainbow of vibrantly colored fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean proteins and whole grains.

In 8 weeks she turns their life around, every person's a success story - they eat a healthy diet and start exercising, loosing lots of weight in the process (30 pounds seems to be the average).

But she's not very nice about it. The best I can describe her is she's a steely-gazed, sharp-tongued school marm. She has the tenacity of a pit bull or rat terrier. She tears into the poor slob, ripping him or her a new one; scolding them for their poor eating and exercise habits, nipping at their heels or biting them in the butt until they change.
After the program was over Evan said, "She's pretty aggressive. That woman needs to turn up the nice a few notches." He's an observant young man, my son. Flynn chimed in with, "Yeah, she's a meanie."

I agree. But it makes good TV.

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Jason said...

Maybe a lot of Brits like being abused. Look at Gordon Ramsay, he's always screaming at people. Some episodes of his shows on BBCA are rated TV-M due to his language.