30 May 2008

The Pool Is Open. The Pool Is Closed.

The Sholem Aquatic Center opened for the season last Sat., though I doubt many people braved the cold water temps, despite the Champaign Park District's cheerful note, "don't forget the pool is heated." I don't think they could make the water that warm. At least, for me - I am not a polar bear. Anyway, since Unit 4 schools are in session until next week, the pool's only open after 4 p.m., which kinda stinks but is understandable.

I hemmed and hawed over taking the kids this afternoon. The weather was great all day - sunny, warm, a bit breezy - perfect swimming weather. So around 3:30 we put on our suits and sunscreen, gathered our towels and headed out the door.

By the time we arrived at the pool, there was a small mass of people but the line for pool pass holders was blissfully short (I got ours last Friday). We were through the door and into the water by 4:03.

The kids were over-the-moon happy. Both of them are like fish and could live at the pool. Flynn kept giggling and jumping up and down, though they were a teeny bit bummed when they realized they are too big for the kiddie pool. They recovered with a quick shoulder shrug and took off for the "big pool." They played, we took a trip down the lazy river and then Evan worked a little on his breast stroke.

I, however, kept one eye on my kids and one on the sky, with its darkening clouds.

After spotting lightning in the area, the guards cleared the pool. The time was 4:35.

We dried off and went home, rather than hang around and wait for them to actually close the pool due to bad weather.

30 minutes. I'm so glad we have pool passes. I would've hated to have paid admission.


Anonymous said...

We got stuck at the Walgreens on Kirby and Neil. As we left we got to see three cars stuck under the viaduct. No matter how long I live in this town I'll never get tired of laughing at people that do that.

And I'd love the sandbox!

Leeanthro said...

I keep going back and forth about whether to buy a pass. We bought one last year, but I was on maternity leave.

What I like is that you can go for the toddler swim time and when it's over you can sit at the tables and have lunch while you wait for the pool to reopen. You don't have to pay twice and you don't have to haul your kids and stuff outside to wait in line.

Jenna said...

We got there on Sat...its was nice. The kids had their suits on all day and finally at 5pm I said I would take them.

We do the family pass...we figured it was about 8 visits or something. I love that if we go and have to leave after 15min its not a big deal. Kids under 4 are free (and we got ours early so we got cheaper...basically a kid for free). If you are really going to use the pool, passes are great.

Once upon a time, your pool pass got you into Champaign AND Urbana pools.

VeganLinda said...

We bought a pass last year, but our neighbor has an in-ground pool with a diving board and invites the kids over all the time (we've been twice this season already). Thus, no pool pass. I do love the lazy rive and the zero entry so we'll go to Sholem, but no pass...hope it isn't a mistake.

I was sure it was going to storm too with the thunder and told the kids we couldn't go to the neighbor's pool, but then the sky cleared up and proved me wrong.