06 May 2008

Say A Prayer For My Future Son-In-Law Now

I shouldn't have asked Flynn what she wanted to wear to her kindergarten assessment tomorrow. She launched into this amazingly fanciful idea that the perfect outfit to wear would be, "a skirt with a jewels here and here and a shirt with jewels all over." She eventually settled for a flowered skirt and a shirt with a puppy on it. Then she asked, "Mommy? Can I wear one of your necklaces? And some earrings?"

Never mind that her ears aren't pierced and that she doesn't own a jeweled skirt.

I relented on the necklace and we went through my jewelry, the bulk of which is composed of costume pieces (I wear my "good stuff" every day - my engagement and wedding rings and diamond stud earrings that were a Christmas gift from my husband). No, she could not wear the Claddagh ring I bought in Galway, Ireland (my family's ancestral home and where the Claddah ring originated). It is precious to me and, besides, it's too big for her to wear. Maybe someday. Ditto on my class ring and my dad's wedding ring that I wear on a chain.

Flynn chose a rose quartz pendant necklace then said in a somewhat effected voice, "I
need to wear diamonds every day. Every. Day."

She wanted to sleep with the necklace under her pillow.

God help the man she marries.

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Anonymous said...

That's too funny. I'm not letting my husband read this. I'm afraid it will scare him out of buying me jewelry.