04 May 2008

My Favorite Part In The New Iron Man Movie

Last night Frank and I escaped, leaving my blessed mother to care for our angelic children, so we could see the latest super hero flick, Iron Man.

The movie was excellent - funny, in line with the Iron Man comic book origin, great special effects. Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Daniels are all stellar and well directed by Jon Favreau.

But my favorite part came when Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.'s character) is in his basement lab/garage tooling around with what would become his Iron Man suit. This long lost gem from my adolescence was playing in the background.

"Institutionalized" by punk band Suicidal Tendencies was a song I listened to over and over with my friend Deanna, usually on headphones in the school library during study hall. We loved this band and this song in particular.

The video's not the greatest, but the song's a ton of fun.


RC said...

i actually don't think i've heard that song before...

and it's pretty crazy to think about the job that the music director has, because watching the video now, i would have never thought to include that song in Iron Man, but it did play perfectly in the film when they used it.

thanks for sharing your fav. part.

Jacque Bauer said...

My favorite moment was the last line of the movie, which led directly to the music in the closing credits. Probably was lost on most viewers, except us old metal heads.

Had a similar effect on me as the last line of the last James Bond movies - awesome!

oliveloafdesign said...

oh man i gotta see it!
glad to hear it was good!
i dig robert downey jr - but my older-guy crush/fave actor is the one & only jeff bridges! can't wait to see him bald! yummy!