10 May 2008

One Bad-Ass Mutha

The kids' karate school held a "Mommy & Me" class this morning in honor of the Mother's Day weekend. I didn't hit the gym this morning mainly because I just felt so tired and a bit out of sorts - this weekend does it to me every year. I needed distraction - to keep busy otherwise I'd focus on why this particular weekend is so crummy (for clarification see my May 9 post).

So we went.

And we had a blast.

The kids and their instructor showed me how to punch and kick and I'll tell you that 30 seconds squatting in a middle stance while throwing punches is one heckuva quad workout. Remember wall sits during P.E. class? Yeah, it's like that only with no wall.

Evan and Flynn each broke a plastic board using a side kick (they use them in class - the boards snap together kind of like Legos).

Then it was my turn.

Only the moms used a palm heel strike and broke a real piece of wood.

I went first and broke that board like it was an egg. Uh-huh. That's right. My kids looked at me, jaws gaping, and I could almost hear their thoughts, "Holy crap! Did you just see what Mommy did? We better be good."

This is my board:
Not too shabby for a mom with no karate experience. For now.

I start classes on Monday with Flynn and continue with each child, which means I'll have tae kwondo lessons four days a week. For free (the school's policy is that if 2 members are attending classes, the rest of the family can participate free of charge). Master N also gave the moms free uniforms.

Oh, and we were given a flower, a cute little petunia to kill, I mean plant. Who am I trying to kid? I have a total black thumb. That poor little flower will be dead and in the garbage within a week.

But I can break a board with my bare hand.

Happy Mother's Day!


Leeanthro said...

Keep that board in a prominent location and point to it every time they act up!

You are a bad-ass mutha!

I bet your workout there will be more intense than at the gym. Ad definitely less boring!

Jenna said...

That rocks! Mommy muscle!