14 May 2008

A Call to Action

Last night was my last official act as president of our preschool's Board of Directors - the last meeting of the school year. I've really loved my time, all 4 years of it, with our preschool and my family and I will miss it.

Usually, I leave the kinder at home with either their dad or a babysitter. This time neither were available as Frank's working 14-hour days until his game's done and the babysitter went home for the summer so I had to take Evan and Flynn with me.

On the way there Evan says, "So, you talk about nothing?"

Me: What do you mean?

Evan: What do you do at these meetings?

Me: We discuss the business of the school.

Evan: That sounds pretty boring. There should be more action.

Flynn: Yeah. More action, like karate.


Mom said...

Well, that could be an interesting way to solve arguements LOL

Leeanthro said...

Sorry I missed it! That girl cracks me up!