10 May 2008

Exhibits Both Artistic And Scientific

Flynn had her preschool art exhibition this week. These are her submissions, which were culled from a school year's worth of art projects (not an easy feat, I can assure you):

Evan also had his First Grade science fair. The goal of the experiment was to answer a question. Initially, Evan wanted to build a robot from scratch. His dad and I talked him into something a little less time consuming. Evan's question was "Do tall buildings fall faster than shorter ones during and earthquake?" He and Frank made a shake table to simulate an earthquake, which was a big hit. What's not to love about making Lego towers fall?

Both kids were so proud of their work and I'm so incredibly proud of them.


oliveloafdesign said...

hey- i don't think i saved your updated email (please send to my stacygirlvo email). i would like to feature flynn as my artist today! i would like to ask her some questions & make sure it's okay to do. shoot me an email & i will reply

oliveloafdesign said...

so...having once escaped a building that was falling...i am curious...does a tall building fall faster than a short one?