23 May 2008

Is It August Yet?

My kids are officially on summer vacation as of today.

And I'm ready for them to go back.

After I picked up Evan this morning we had some time to kill before heading over to Flynn's Friday CPD preschool end-of-the-year get together. We were originally to be at Prairie Farm but since the weather was uncooperative we adjourned to the kitchen of the Springer building. Evan was in desperate need of a haircut so I took him in. The girl who cut his hair did a decent job. I've had a hard time finding a stylist for my son who won't cut his hair in either 1 of the 2 approved Boy Haircuts (the Buzz Cut, so the poor guy looks like he belongs in the army or the "Prince Valiant" which makes the boy look like he had a bowl on his head). The best barber we've ever taken him to is in Glenview and I don't know when we'll be up there next.

Anyhoo, We had an o.k. lunch with Flynn's class then headed out into the rain to run some errands.

First on the list was Target to get a birthday present for one of my six nieces (her birthday's next week). She wanted a copy of the new Alvin and The Chipmunks movie. While we were there, I had the kids check out the shoes. Flynn needed an new pair of sandals (she found a bejeweled pair of flip-flops) and Evan claimed to need new sneakers, of which Target has slim pickings for boys. We also perused the toys, like we normally do. Evan had his heart set on getting some kind of spy case, which I vetoed and he spent the rest of our time in the store in a sour funk.

In the car, Evan declared that he's going to read 50 picture books this summer and 3 novels. His reward, should he accomplish his goal, is lunch at McDonald's (that's what he decided). So, in order to help him along we went to Borders to check out their selection. He found 4 books, as did Flynn. I'm always happy to shell out dollars for books because I know they'll get read over and over. Flynn had a minor melt-down in the bookstore because her "legs [were] tired from walking" and I couldn't carry her. They were both super squirrelly at the check out, but once they had their new books in their hot little hands they were happy campers indeed.

On to Payless to checkout their selection of boys' tennis shoes. Flynn found a dressy pair of sandals to wear to church and Evan came up bupkus, which I don't think he minded because he was busy reading. So I told him we'd go to another shoe store, one sure to have shoes for him.

Off to Heel to Toe. My son was too busy reading one of his new books to really concentrate on trying on new shoes and I had to physically wrest the book from his hands to get him to pay attention to the task. The older gentleman who helped us was great and within 5 minutes found Evan a new pair of tennies that he ended up wearing out of the store because he didn't want to take them off. "These new shoes help me run faster," he exclaimed running to the car.

Next task: pool passes. Arrived at the Bresnan building around 3:30. The kids were running on empty by this time and starting to get more than just a little antsy. While we waited for our passes to print out, they were climbing on each other and spinning around and it was just a matter of time before they either pissed off the other one or they got hurt (or both). However, they are more than a little thrilled at having their very own pool pass with their name and picture on it. The pool opens tomorrow, as Evan reminded me as we drove out of the parking lot.

Last stop: the grocery store for a few things. My family goes through a metric ton's worth of Popsicles during the summer and we were out, so that was on the list. And cantaloupe (Flynn would probably eat her weight's worth every day if I let her). The cherries looked good, too, so we grabbed some of those. A couple more things then we were headed for the check-out, with very little bickering from the children. They asked if we could rent a movie, so on our way out the door we stopped at the Red Box and they picked out three movies.

Home by 4 p.m. *whew*

I can't fathom taking them on errands this summer as I'm so used to doing them by myself or at most having one of them with me, but I'll do it because I don't have any other choice and they are usually well-behaved. And, hooray, they have a couple camps in June and Flynn will attend a preschool summer session in July. My only salve and/or bribe will be the pool.

Until August comes and they will (blissfully) go off to school again.

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