07 May 2008

The Best Thing To Come Out of Norway Since A-Ha

I've been a fan of Sondre Lerche's for a few years now. After I saw this video I promptly ordered the CD Two Way Monologue because I couldn't find it around here and I have yet to be disappointed with any of this young man's songwriting and musicianship. He's just a baby - maybe 25 but, man, is he talented; signed to Virgin/EMI before he was 16.

Hope you become a fan of Sondre Lerche, too. He deserves a bigger following here in the States. His albums can now be found at any of the better record stores in town (hint hint).


Mrs. Chicken said...

We love that song over here.

Lisa B-K said...

I beg to differ - the best thing to come out of Norway since A-Ha is MOTORPSYCHO!

I tried to find video but couldn't find much besides live stuff... but they're playing 3 US dates in June, they never come here, AND I CANNOT GO TO ANY OF THEM.

:: sob ::

oliveloafdesign said...

oh he's great! need to purchase albums.