27 May 2008

Baby Names

Always ones to plan ahead, my children had the following conversation, which I report verbatim:

Evan: What are we going to name our new baby?

Mom (thinking): What new baby?

Evan: We should come up with some names for when we have babies.

[I will clarify that my children know they can't have babies with each other. They've asked if they can marry each other. I told them "no" unless they live in Kentucky. Evan's had his heart set on a particular girl in his class, whom he adores.]

Flynn: Ummm, Sunshine?

Evan: That's good. What else?

Flynn: Treepod!

Evan: That's a great name, Sunshine Treepod! Hey, Mom, isn't that a great name?

Mom: Mmm-hmmm, yeah, that's a good one alright. (thinking to herself: maybe if it's 1967. Then: Good Lord, my children are hippies. What's a "treepod"?) Is this a boy's name or a girl's?

Evan: A boy.

Flynn: A girl.

No "Emma"'s or "Matthew"'s for my kids, apparently.


It's Sunshine Treepod, which has a certain panache, I guess.


Sarah said...

I love it. I think it's a good reason to have another kid. Sunshine TREEPOD!

by the by, I now have 2 emails to you (both about robot pjs, I think!) that are caught in some undeliverable hell...I just keep getting updates on how they're not being accepted by comcast or whatever. just so you know....

Leeanthro said...

It rolls off the tongue easily. As long as they don't misspell it. I think it works.

The Fearless Freak said...

That's great. The first thing I thought when I read sunshine was 'Good Lord, she's a hippy" and that was before I even got to the tree pod part! :)

lbotp said...

well, I hear that Angelina Jolie is looking for names for her twins ... very original.

Mary A. said...

ah yes- well, your grandchild Sunshine Treepod can hang with my future grandchild "Nightingale" if it's a girl or Kevin if it's a boy. Kevin. I was expecting Puck or Ender (we have a cousin named Ender actually) but no. Why? So the boy wouldn't get beaten up for having a weird name.

It was great seeing you again on Saturday