07 January 2008

Meet Patty

Flynn has a new friend. Her name is Patty. She is a piece of cardboard.

Yesterday afternoon Flynn was puttering around the basement with her dad and brother while I indulged in an episode of "2 Dudes Catering." She came running up the stairs as fast as her little legs could carry her bringing with her a piece of cardboard. "Can you watch Patty for me, Mommy? I have to go shopping."

"Uh, sure. Who's Patty?"

"THIS is Patty!" she exclaimed and looked at me like she was saying, "Duh."

"Oh. OK. Have fun shopping."

"Thanks, Mom-mom."

I have no clue where the conception for Patty came from. Just like I don't know where "Joan" the dollar store barbie got her name. These quirky and fun ideas just pop up out of nowhere. And I love them.

I take great delight in my children's imaginations. They are vivid and wild - able to endow a simple piece of brown cardboard with thoughts and feelings. My beautiful little girl has a powerful ability to make believe.

Just ask Patty.

Flynn with Patty

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