11 January 2008

1st Grade Wierdness

I have the most interesting conversations with my son in the car. This is pretty much word for word of one we had the other day.

"Mom? There are some girls at school who are mean to me. One girl always picks me last and the others just pick on me." He mimics some girls in a high pitched voice, "Evan, blah, blah, blah."
Then he continues, "Why do they do that? Why do they have to be so mean?"

"Well, my son, I hate to tell you this but the fact that they are 'picking' on you most likely means they like you."

"What. Are you. Telling me?" he deadpans. I think I just blew his mind.

"I know, it sounds strange but it's true. Sometimes boys do the same thing - pick on a girl they like."

"I do not do that! I am always nice at school."

I know the girls he was talking about, so I think my remark about them liking him rings true. None of the 4 are mean girls. Besides, what's not to like? My son is cute as a button, intelligent, courteous, and as Willy Loman says, he's well liked; he's personally attractive (I'm not biased or anything).

But I don't like the fact that he's feeling persecuted. I told him that if their behavior continues he should tell his teacher.

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