21 January 2008


Today being a holiday there was no school, which meant it was time to get the hell out of the house and stay out. Since it's bloody cold out the kinderbots and I headed to C-U's best kept secret: an amazing indoor playground run by a local church that is open and free to the public.

The kids ran and played with some friends from pre-school and I had an opportunity to (*gasp*) sit down and have adult conversations with some of my friends, most of which I've only seen in passing at school and haven't actually spoken with in months. Amazing, I know!

We were there for 4 hours. I kid you not.

What an absolutely lovely way to pass the late morning/early afternoon (and not have to pick up after anybody or break up a fight over a toy).


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VeganLinda said...

The FCC indoor play area is a wonderful place. We go there regularly with all the crazy cold weather. I think every city should have a place like this.