25 January 2008

Care to give to CARE?

Leeanthro, over at Soy Is The New Black, wrote about one of her favorite ways to exercise her mind was playing "free rice".

While perusing the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine (you know me and my 'zines), I came across a way to give to charity while exercising your body. Starting now, for every hour you work out author, businessman, and triathlete Eric Harr will donate $5 to CARE. Report your workout hours at www.care.org/feedback/workout.asp (it's the honor system - you wouldn't lie to a charity, would you?), and money goes to CARE's global projects to help eradicate poverty.

Don't "work out"? Don't sweat it. I figure if you're wrangling kids, running a household, walking to and from a car, doing housework, whatever - you're working out. Just guesstimate.

So, be all holistic and stuff and give your time to 2 charities while enhancing your mind and your body.

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