03 August 2008

Kids in Cleveland

Flynn and Rick and Cindy's neighbor's dog, Bailey. The kids fell in love with this dog, as evidenced by the photo. It looks like Bailey taught Flynn a new trick as well.

Evan having a good time in Rick & Cindy's neighbor's pool.

Uncle Rick giving Evan the fine points of river navigation. Evan is actually driving the boat. I took this as we maneuvered out of the river and into the harbor, where Rick let Evan drive fast.

Emmy looking out on Grand River on my uncle's boat as we return to the slip from our jaunt on the lake. She did not want the boat to slow down.

My niece, Ashlyn, not having a good time on the swings at the boat club. She's usually in a good mood, but I took this after a full morning at Farmpark and an afternoon of swimming. She was tired and fell dead asleep in the 10 minutes it takes to get from the boat club to my aunt and uncle's house. I still love this picture of her.

1 comment:

Quigs78 said...

Awesome pictures! You now need to get Flynn a swingset AND a dog. :)

And omg, Ashlyn and Evan look a lot alike!

Sounded exhausting, but super fun!