18 August 2008

Brief Notes

1. For those interested, I purchased the Tin Tin posters from All Posters. The ones I posted are in English (duh) but the ones All Posters sells and, thus, the ones hanging on my son's bedroom walls are in the original published language of French.

2a. This weekend we saw not one but two, yes two, movies at the theater. Saturday evening Frank and I trucked the kids over to my mom's and then hightailed it out of there so we could go see the new Batman flick. I know, I know, it's been out over a month but you know life with kids. And add in Frank's cah-ray-zee work schedule and you get very few date nights. We both loved The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger was uber creepy, and perfect, as the Joker. Frank was a bit peeved that the character of Harvey Dent (aka Two Face) died but overall thought the movie was outstanding. I'm inclined to agree.

2b. Yesterday, the four of us saw the Star Wars animated feature, The Clone Wars. I wasn't expecting to be astounded and I wasn't, but the kids both said it was "awesome". Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the film (except for Ahsoka calling R2 "artooie" - that got on my nerves). The animation's nice, though I prefer the original Clone Wars cartoon style. The 3D animation's ok (at certain point it's a bit stiff) as is the story (yes, it is for SW's younger audience), but I just didn't love it. There were moments I could've fallen asleep (though the fact that I went to bed at midnight the night before and was up early with the kids may have contributed to this). Clone Wars was Evan and Flynn's first Star Wars movie experience in a theater and they had a great time.

3. Today I rose before sunrise. On purpose. The school my children attend has what's called "fee day" the Monday before school begins. Our school, being a parochial one, does not have a PTA. We have Parent Club and I sit on the board. I mention this because Parent Club organizes Fee Day and board members are encouraged to help out by manning various tables in the gym (this year I helped with lunch duty sign up). I prefer to work the earliest shift, from 6:30 a.m. until 9, not only because it gives me first crack at going through the used uniform bins (everything's $1 and in excellent shape. I snagged a few sweatshirts for Evan and a jumper and sweater for Flynn), signing up for class parties, Parent Club fund raisers (we have 2 major ones during the school year) and other volunteer opportunities, but more importantly I get to leave my kids at home until Frank leaves for work and he drops them off with me.

4. We met Flynn's kindergarten teacher today. I'm happy to report that Mrs. C is going to be an excellent teacher for Flynn; she's friendly and kind and raved over the giant Hannah Montana tattoo on Flynn's bicep (an indulgence from her Papa). As we walked to the car Flynn said with a smile, "I think I'm going to like her."

5. Evan got the teacher he wanted, Sister V. He's thrilled that "the girl he's going to marry" is in his class again (they've been together since kindergarten). Despite being so happy, he declined an invitation to the pool. He has a touch of a cold and put on his pj's as soon as we got home today, which was 11:30. He camped out in my room and watched a Shark Week dvd we rented.

6. I have a new job: substitute teacher. I decided to return to teaching, though not full-time and subbing at my children's school is the best way to do it. We'll all be on the same schedule and I can pick and choose the days I work. When I told the secretary that I preferred working with the upper grades, I thought she was going to kiss my feet with gratitude. She said most subs like to work with the "little ones." I taught high school. I like the older kids but I'll go where they need me.

7. School starts on Thursday.


sarah said...

re: #5 -- so, is she okay with the treepod thing?

Mommy Schiff said...

wow! Exciting stuff!

I am thinking of sub-ing too when my littlest one starts Kindergarten. Keep us updated on how it goes and Congrats! Both kids in school, what does that feel like?

Quigs78 said...

LOL Sounds like two kids in school is busier than two kids at home!

I'd like to be able to not work long enough to be involved at school with the kids. I bet E and F love seeing you around school!