05 July 2008

Another Good Reason To Run

In May a former student of mine gave birth to her first child, Raley.

Raley was born with a Mitochondrial Disorder, a chronic genetic disorder that occurs when the mitochondria in cells fail to produce enough energy for cell or organ function. She died on June 13.

In an effort to raise awareness for Mitochondrial disorders and to honor their daughter, they have quickly organized a 5K run/1 mile walk to be held in Philo, their hometown.

As a way of showing support for the Kirby family, I plan on running the 5k race (my first).

Wish me luck and send some healing thoughts/prayers Luke and Leslie's way, will you?


Looseyfur said...

I'm definitely sending you and them good thoughts of support. Hooray with the 5k! If you're raising money, please let me know.

Quigs78 said...

How devastating. But how inspirational that they can think of others at a time like this.

I'm sending good running vibes your way...and count me in for a donation, too.