29 August 2008

Because They're Coming To Town

Death Cab For Cutie is coming to Chambana! And if they're as good live as they were on Austin City Limits, then C-U's in for a very sweet treat.

This song, "Soul Meets Body", off of Plans literally gives me goosebumps every single time I hear it. "Soul Meets Body" never ever looses its magic for me. I just lurv it - there's such amazing song craft here. And it's such a beautiful love song - not saccharine at all but still with a touch of the melancholy (like 99% of Ben Gibbard's songs with Death Cab and Postal Service).

The video's a nice touch - I like the concept of music being this organic, alive being ("A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere").

If you don't like this song, I'm afraid there's something very wrong with you. You might want to see a doctor. But not the shrink from yesterday's post.

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The Fearless Freak said...

So I like the concept of the video but I'm unimpressed with the song. It is way too down for my tastes. I didn't like the one Looseyfur posted on her blog either or the one I heard them do on Letterman a year or ago. I guess they just aren't my kind of band :( Any doctor recommendations?