21 August 2008

First Day '08

Today was Flynn's first day of kindergarten and she handled it like a pro, as I knew she would. She has 3 years of preschool under her belt and she's excited to finally be in the same school with her big brother. Evan started 2nd grade and mentioned yesterday that "because he knows all the rules of the school he's a professional student." Those last two words made me a little anxious as I foresaw endless tuition bills.

On our way into school this morning. Flynn looked so adorable in her plaid uniform jumper and peter pan collar blouse (with matching plaid hair scrunchy). Evan cut a rather dapper figure in his polo and shorts.

She might need a taller chair.

As we were waiting for her class to be dismissed, Frank watched as other kindergartners filed by then remarked to me, "Flynn's really tiny. I never really realized how little she is." She is a tiny thing (the size 4 jumper is rather roomy and they don't make them any smaller than that), but she comes from little people (on my side of the family; Frank's family are all tall).

The first day was a success and left both kids wanting more. Evan was so happy to be back at school and Flynn's sure to follow in his footsteps (she's very excited for tomorrow as they're learning about hands, or so she says).

Here's to a great school year!


Quigs78 said...

They look adorable!

So you didn't mention what you got to do with your 'me' time today! Did you lament the passage of time while looking at baby pictures or did you get a mani/pedi?


The Fearless Freak said...

Wow, they are super cute!

I'm a bad mom that didn't take any first day pictures. I think I'll haul the camera in tomorrow and do some in front of the sign since all the other parents did it today :)

And Quigs, you know Missy totally went to the gym :)

cynthiav62 said...

oh man....they look adorable!!! I'm so glad the day went well....now I'm picturing Leo and Owen in little uniforms....