28 August 2008

Something To Keep In Mind

Just for future reference, you might not want to hold your therapy sessions at Starbuck's.

Like the guy I overheard this morning.

At first I thought they were just two guys talking, one rather loudly the other not so much, over a cup of joe. Then Loud Guy, who sounded just like Ira Glass, started talking about how he has a high sex drive and his boyfriend doesn't and he's afraid if he goes on medication it will diminish his creativity and the Quiet Guy mumbled something about the Loud Guy being an "external processor" and at that point I realized that I was haphazardly eavesdropping in on a therapy session.

Honestly, I was trying not to listen. I just wanted to enjoy my tall skinny vanilla latte and my book, but it's really hard not to hear when the only other audible voice is the Loud Guy talking about his problems and how he wants to see a psychiatrist before next week's appointment.

I mean, really, did they think they'd have any privacy meeting at a coffee shop?


Mommy Schiff said...

That's just crazy. Who has therapy at Starbucks? Does the $100/hour cover a free cup o' coffee I wonder?

Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

Eeeew! I don't want to hear about anybody's sex problems, doesn't matter where I am. I wonder where this 'therapist' had his training? Classy to hold a session in a Starbucks. Real classy.

Anonymous said...

Eww is right. Who talks about that in public?