13 August 2008


1. Stupid Comcast. We were without Internet access (including e-mail) for 2 days. Argh!

2. I'm spending waaaay too much time watching TV. The Olympics are addicting. I'm fairly convinced that Chen Yibing of the Chinese men's gymnastics team is a robot. Just watch his still rings routine. This is pretty much the routine he did a couple of days ago, but this video's from the '07 World Championships.

See? Robot. He's just too precise to be human. And swimmer Michael Phelps? He's a robot, too. It's the Robolympics!

3. We have recovered from party-palooza '08. Last Sat. evening we traveled to Philo to join my sister in celebrating my niece's 3rd birthday. Emmy wore her penguino dress, which she loves. Sunday we had two dozen of Flynn's closest friends and their parents (and siblings) over to celebrate her birthday (we're 3 weeks late, so sue me). The kids played out in the back yard, jumping in and out of various kiddie pools. Evan and a couple of the older kids spent their time building Lego structures and playing Star Wars. We had cake from Meijer's and I made 4 different kinds of ice cream; watermelon (a family favorite), Alton Brown's recipe for banana ice cream, a raspberry-blackberry sorbet, and a chocolate-cinnamon frozen yogurt. That sounds really Martha Stewart-ish, but it's really easy to make ice cream with an ice cream maker.

I think a good time was had by all. I'm not very social by nature but I love to put on a good party, especially for my kids.

4. I had finished the top to Evan's quilt before we left for Cleveland and hope to have the entire quilt done before SCHOOL STARTS next week. I'm backing it in white flannel and will bind it in red flannel. The batting is organic cotton and I'm quilting in 3 different colors of thread: red, kelly green and royal blue. I hope I have enough thread to finish the quilt.

5. Flynn said she's finished with karate. It's a total pain in the bum to wrestle her into her uniform and cajole her into attending class, now that she's in the "big kid" class with her brother. It's not fun for her anymore, so I'm not going to force her to continue. She did tell me she wants to do gymnastics again (both she and Evan took lessons at the Y until for some wacky reason the Y decided it would be a good idea to have little kid classes at 6:30 at night. That doesn't work for us.). We won't be returning to the Y, so maybe another gym this time around? Any ideas?


sarah said...

1. sucks. TimeWarner did that to us. I switched to DSL!

2. wow....that guy is amazing!! it's times like this I do miss tv a bit.

3. okay, but how do you make 4 flavors? My ice cream maker requires about 24 hours in the freezer between every single use!! do tell!!

4. can't wait to see it!!

5. My nephew goes to Little Gym and it is supposed to be really nice. And actually teaches gymnastics. Otherwise, probably a local gymnastics school?

glad you're back!!

abyss said...

You guys better not Jinx us with your cable outages, my internet has been rock solid for almost 3 whole months, strangely the exact a mount of time UI has been out for the summer


The Watermelon and raspberry are great BTW


Leeanthro said...

Irish's in Rantoul- a couple of our friends go there and they think it is great. But, they compete. So the traveling to Rantucky and the competition are things to consider.

Art in Motion has tumbling classes. Non-competitive. Close to where you live. I believe at 5pm on Mondays this fall. Give them a call.

The tumbling teacher at A.I.M. is very nice and went to H.S. with my husband. Her two daughters are in H.S. and taught my daughter dance. They are incredibly talented.

I would give A.I.M. a try.

I've heard horrible things about the gym behind Rocks.

Little Gym is crazy expensive. I really don't know how people fork out that kind of money. You could pay college tuition at those prices.

And you know my opinion about C.R.S.

Lisa B-K said...

Michael Phelps is a TOTAL swimbot... but he's kind of dorky-jock hot.

This admission may be mildly inappropriate as he is only 7 years older than my son.