25 August 2008

Bye Bye Baby

Today the last vestiges of my children's babyhoods were carted off in the trunk of my husband's car destined for another family. Our high chair and baby backpack were the last evidence that my children were, indeed, once babies. One of Frank's co-workers is expecting baby no. 3 with his wife. Baby No. 3 is a surprise and they had already gotten rid of their baby-care items (their 2 boys are 6 and 3). And since we had ours collecting dust and taking up valuable space in the garage, Frank and I offered the high chair and backpack.

The high chair served us well through both Evan and Flynn and various other babies that came to visit. The backpack toted an 8-month-old Evan through Washington, D.C. and, when he was older, Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario (and other more local excursions). I don't think Flynn spent as much time in the backpack. She didn't like it as much as her brother did; she preferred the hip-carrier.

But it was time for those things to go.

My husband and I have bandied around the idea of having our own Baby No. 3, but have firmly decided that we like the status quo. We have 2 great kids, why tempt fate? When we first talked about having kids it was always 2 or 3. When Evan was born, it never crossed my mind that we wouldn't have another child; it was a given that Evan would someday have a sibling. But when I was pregnant with Flynn we talked in "if"'s not "when"'s: "If we have another."

Now both my babies are in school all day. I remember when they were new and I felt the same way then as I do now; I love spending my time with them, maddening as they can be at times. They are growing into themselves and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I tell them every day that I am so lucky to be their mom.

Looking into my eyes Frank asked, "Are you sure?" as we placed the high chair and baby backpack in his car's trunk. He was asking me if I was certain I wanted to give away those items and, not so obviously, asking me if I was sure we weren't having any more babies.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

On both counts.

Plus, if I get the hankerin' for a baby, I can just give Mrs. Chicken a call to see if I can hold this little guy for a bit.

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Quigs78 said...

It's fascinating to see how everyone's emotions differ when it comes to babies. I never had the hankering for another, but I think it's because we got pregnant with PG when Bubba was only 7 months old.

But I could be singing a very different tune when they're older and in school and out of toddlerhood. I think maybe I'm not far enough removed from it yet to really be sad about it. ;)