22 July 2008

Penguino Dress

A few weeks ago my sister put in a request for a penguin dress for her youngest daughter who will be 3 in August (Emmy is nuts about penguins). We scoured the Internet looking for something cute, but not too wintery. Katy was the one to find this fabric, so I ordered a yard, dug out a pattern and got cracking this morning.

This is the front of the dress. I made the sleeves, the ties, and ruffle out of black and white gingham, since I only had 1 yard of the penguin fabric and the pattern called for 1 and 1/8. There are also 3 small black buttons on the bodice to add a little something.This is the back:

All in all, I think the dress turned out well. I think Emmy will like it.


Quigs78 said...


Too freaking cute.

Freak, Loosey, and I decided we were going to open a store for big girls and you're going to make the clothes for us.

We won't pay well, but we'll be fun to work with. :)

Jenna said...

I wish I had the skills to do that...I kind of protest on my sewing skills since my mom is a costume designer and made a lot of my clothes growing up (which I hated at the time). I fake it pretty well.

So cute. You should sell your stuff.

Leeanthro said...

Love it!

I had my mom make mine a sundress from the already smocked material you can buy. All it needed was a side seam and straps but I wasn't going to drag out my machine.

She got a new tiny machine that does a few stitches and said she is getting it for me for Christmas.

So you might see some sewing projects in my future!

You need to open an Etsy shop!!

Mommy Schiff said...

Too cute!

My sister made a ton of stuff for her daughter that she has since passed down to my daughter. I love the idea of making my own clothes but I can't even sew a button on :-(