31 January 2009

To Quote The Fairport Convention, "Who knows where the time goes?"

In the span of eight short years he's gone from this:
To this:Frankly, I look at these pictures with disbelief and awe.

How did he get to be so big? He was so tiny, weighing a mere 6 pounds, 4 ounces at his birth, to this beanpole boy who will be taller than his mother by the time he's 10.

Right now he's pouring over his birthday loot, putting together Lego sets and making plans for the Pokemon figures, Playmobil pirates and dinosaurs. And if he had his way, he'd be zooming around the house in his new roller skates.

My first born, my little baby boy, is eight years old today.

Happy Birthday, Evan!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the best nephew in the world! I still remember the day he was born and the excitement I felt waiting to meet him! I felt my heart melt the first time I held him.He has been a true gift to our family.
Hugs to you on your special day,Evan.
I love you.
Aunt Katy

Harley Quinn said...

Happy Birthday Evan!

Leighann said...

Happy Birthday!

I was reading my little guy a book called "Dinosaur Roar!" this weekend. When I turned to the back cover, I saw a sticker with Evan's name (full name and address and his picture).

I thought that was pretty cool that we were reading a book together on the rocking chair that you no doubt read to Evan over and over again. I must have picked it up at one of the garage sales.

the sandwich life said...

Anyone who quotes Fairport Convention is o.k. with me....of course you were before that too...

Happy Birthday to Evan!