26 January 2009

An Oldie But A Goodie or The Baby Jerk

This is my favorite Flynn story and has reached legend status in our family. And it's all true.

We had just dropped my mom off after an afternoon of errands. Nana had given Evan, then 4, and Flynn, 2, each a dollar which was burning a hole in their respective pockets. As we drove to the dollar store, the driver in front of me pulled into traffic without signaling.

"Nice turn signal, jerk.", I muttered.

"Mommy? What's a jerk?", Evan asked.

"Well," I said trying to think how I could relate what "jerk" meant in terms a 4-year-old could understand, "a jerk is a person who acts before thinking, they don't think how their actions will effect other people." Or something like that.

All was quiet for a moment, only the musical warbling of The Wiggles heard in the car ("Toot, toot/Chugga, chugga/Big red car...").

Then, Evan said, "Sometimes, I'm a jerk."

I thought this was pretty self-aware for a preschooler.

"Well, sometimes everyone's a jerk," was my reply.

"Flynn's a baby jerk."

Flynn, as indignant as a 2-year-old can be said (because at that point the worst thing Evan could call her was a baby), "I NOT a baby! I a BIG jerk."

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Harley Quinn said...

That is soo funny! Sounds like something my little Wiggle Worm would say.