02 January 2009

She's Of A Certain Age

My 5-year-old lost her first tooth last night and while I've long been aware of the "wobbly teeth" it sort of surprised me that Flynn's at that age when her baby teeth will start falling out of her head, pushed out by the teeth that will (hopefully) remain with her for the rest of her life.

The bottom two front teeth have been wobbly for a while now, slowly but surely working their way out of her head. She was really working the wobblier of the two, prolonging the time when her head should have been resting on her "My Little Pony" pillow. About 9:00 (waaaaaay past her normal bed time) she sat up, reached for a tissue on her night stand to soak up "all the blood" (there was maybe a teeny, tiny bit of blood in her mouth but she's all drama all the time). Not long after she stuffed the Kleenex in her mouth, she got this surprised look on her face, spat out the tissue and along with it her tooth. After showing her daddy and brother her little tooth, she placed it on her dresser and finally fell asleep.The Tooth Fairy paid her a visit and left her four shiny quarters, which she is carrying around counting them over and over again.

I predict the next tooth will join its departed neighbor within a week, it's that loose.


Anna said...

Tell Flynn Miss Anna says "Way to go"!

Harley Quinn said...

It's so weird when you think about it. We are born with 2 sets of teeth. Our baby teeth and then under them our adult teeth.

Weird, weird, weird. Where are all these teeth living?

Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

Now she's even cuter!

Quigs78 said...

She looks so excited!

I remember when the tooth fairy came after I lost my first tooth - it made me want to pull out all the rest of my teeth just for the cash! :)