18 January 2009

Play List for 8-Year-Olds

For the past couple of years I've made mix discs as party favors for my kids' birthday parties. The play lists usually revolve around the party theme. Past offerings include outer space, science, princesses (including the song "I Wish I Were A Princess" from the original Hairspray movie soundtrack, resulting in a friend silently cursing me as his kids played it over and over and over), and beach music.

This year kinda threw me for a loop. Evan's having a Lego-themed party.

Today he and I put together a play list that incorporates Lego songs (who knew they existed, but a search of MP3's on Amazon revealed 4) with other songs he likes, including several Pokemon songs. Evan's calling it, Music for Legos.

Here's what we came up with:

1. Hey Sandy - Polaris
2. Action Packed - Jonathan Richman
3. The Amazing Spider-Man (the definitive theme to the 60's cartoon)
4. Mach 5 - The Presidents of the USA
5. Pokerap (yes, a rap using ALL of the Pokemon)
6. Awesome Forces - The Aquabats
7. When Worlds Collide (from SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric)
8. Lego Next Level - Oleg Kostrow
9. Intergalactic - The Beastie Boys
10. Star Wars Main Title mix (Evan did his Black Belt musical form to this)
11. I Like To Move It - Sasha Baron Cohen (from Madagascar)
12. 2BA Master
13. Move Any Mountain - The Shamen
14. Lego Boogie - Oleg Kostrow
15. Down Under - Men at Work (because Evan wants to live in Australia)
16. Leave It All To Me - Miranda Cosgrove (theme to iCarly)
17. Energy - Apples In Stereo
18. Pop Muzik - M
19. Buildings & Mountains - The Republic Tigers
20. Mighty Little Man - Steven Burns
21. Pokemon theme (yeah, Evan's into Pokemon big time)
22. Ripped Pants - SpongeBob
23. Underdog theme
24. Spider - They Might Be Giants
25. Speed Racer theme
26. Lego for the Countryside - Oleg Kostrow
27. Got My Own Thing Now - Squirrel Nut Zippers
28 Breakfast Machine (from Pee Wee's Big Adventure)

28 songs clocking in at around 75 minutes. Evan's very happy with it and we hope his friends will be, too.


The Fearless Freak said...

Who would have guessed that there were songs about Legos!

That sounds like a fun playlist :)

Harley Quinn said...

Oooh, if I give you a CD would you burn me a copy? That sounds so up my little man's alley. We're not into Pokemon yet, but I'm sure that is where things are headed. =)