14 January 2009

It's Below Freezing Out But...

As we passed the big sledding hill on the way home from school this afternoon, Evan got really sulky and pouty saying, "I've been waiting all year to go sledding! Why can't we go sledding? It's not fair those other kids get to go sledding and we're going home."

The kids were desperate to go out and play in the snow; school had been canceled for the following day and they were practically giddy with the prospect of an entire Thursday with nothing to do. So I bundled them up and sent them out. Flynn wore Evan's old snowsuit and even though it's a little big on her, it did the job nicely. She looked so cute in her purple boots, Barbie hat, hot pink mittens and black/red/white/blue snowsuit.

Evan and Flynn had a blast sledding down the little hill in our backyard. I let them stay out a little over 30 minutes then had them come in. The wind was picking up and with the wind chill in the negative degrees, I didn't want them out for very long.

They were all pink cheeks and smiles.
Here's to tomorrow's snow day. Flynn wants to set up a movie theater for her dolls and Evan and I are going to play some Lego Star Wars on the 360.

But we are not going outside.

On a tangential note, Evan wants me to mention that his birthday is coming up. On the 31st. He just wants you all to know. (He's sitting next to me, reading over my shoulder)

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Harley Quinn said...


You're such a nice mom. I haven't let my kids out yet, but mostly because they are only 2 & 4 so my freezing cold butt would have to go outside with them. No thank you!