27 January 2009

Less Talk, More Rokk

How is it I've lived this long and not heard of the band Freezepop until 3 weeks ago? I was listening to NPR's Weekend Edition, heard their interview and knew I had to have some of their music. I came home and downloaded their 2007 album, Future Future Future Perfect. Smart, occasionally funny lyrics paired with groovy, danceable synth-pop. I am of a mind that the members of this band are around my age and were teenagers in the '80's and, like me, loved The Thompson Twins , Book of Love, and Howard Jones. They're not as dark as Depeche Mode or New Order, or over the top like Erasure but I do hear strains of those seminal bands.

I've been listening to FFFP lately and truly dig it. This song, "Less Talk More Rokk," is the first track and certainly sets the tone for the album. Two of my favorite songs on FFFP are "Pop Music Is Not A Crime" and "Thought Balloon", a beautiful little ballad which sounds like it could be in either Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club. "Ninja of Love" is a good one, too, and "Brainpower."

OK, so you can't go wrong with this album. At all.

I'm anticipating more great music from Freezepop.

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