10 July 2008

Unintentional Disconnect

No Internet or email make misc go crazy.


I never realized how much I depend on e-mail and my Internet access until yesterday when I couldn't log on. At all.

At first I thought it was something on my end. I turned off the computer and all the accouterments, disconnected it from the wall, rebooted all to no avail. No nothin'.

Then I soundly cursed my provider.

I check my email several times during the day. And yesterday I caught myself heading up the stairs a number of times to the guest room where we keep our computer because I wanted to price check uniforms for Flynn, check and see what the weather was going to be, send a couple of emails. Couldn't do it. It made me jittery and irritable.

Then today I checked the access settings on our firewall and fiddled around. Et voila! I could get my mail! I could log on and check up on stuff (sites my sister and aunt wanted me to check out for our big trip to Cleveland at the end of the month, the weather, other blogs)! I don't know why I didn't do this yesterday. It would've saved me much ire.

I don't think I'll apologize for cursing the Internet provider. They probably deserve it.

1 comment:

Mrs. Chicken said...

Speaking of email, I have an old address for you. I"ve been trying to reach you - I want to take you up on your guest post offer. And maybe we can meet for lunch soon?