11 July 2008

Like I Need A Reason To Celebrate Ice Cream

But Baskin-Robbins says that National Ice Cream Day is Monday, July 20th. And I just found out that July is National Ice Cream month. How could I have been on this planet for (barely) 39 years and not know this?!?

Because I love me some ice cream. My love of the frozen dairy desert borders on religion. Nothing but nothing tastes as good as a well made ice cream. Am I right or am I right?

My ice cream maker sees a lot of action through out the year and I have a big binder full of recipes, my family's personal favorite being the watermelon sorbet. And for the grown-ups, I make a pretty tasty margarita ice that has tequila in it. I made something approaching Baskin-Robbins' Grape Ice flavor for a family friend's birthday once (his very favorite and he's an ice cream junkie, too).

Dunno if BR will be offering any deals or just wants people to come in and buy a cone, but I might whip up a batch of something.

Any ideas?

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Looseyfur said...

I'm a big fan of Peppermint Mochas during the holidays. I don't care who makes them. I often wondered if it would be possible as an ice cream... chocolate, peppermint and coffee...

Or maybe just chocolate peppermint.

And I think I found a good bloggers night out idea when Mrs. Chicken is done with her GD!

Cause I, too, love the ice cream.