07 July 2008

I Wish I Had Photos

I mentioned the other day that I wanted a cinnamon roll for my birthday. The "gooey buns" at Le Peep had to make do. After brunch (totally delish, by the way) we came home, read the paper and generally fruited around until it was time to change and leave for the Renaissance Wedding. I had intended for us to leave the house by 12:45, giving us ample time to get the kids to my sister's house in Philo and then to Monticello.

We left at 1:10. The ceremony was slated to start at 2. Philo is southeast of Champaign, usually a 20-25 minute drive from my house. Monticello is west and easily a 30 minute drive.

Frank totally busted a move and hauled our asses to my sister's in record time. We didn't even turn off the car when we took the kids inside - it was more like, "Unclick your seat belts! Go! Go! Go! Hurry! The car's barely moving, go ahead and jump out the door!" (well, not exactly like that but I think you get the idea).

Frank pretty much had the pedal to the metal the entire way to the wedding site.

We pulled into the parking lot with 10 minutes to spare, smoking tires and all.

A brisk walk from the car to the sunken garden took about 5 minutes.

The garden was decorated with various felt pennants and the bride and groom's families were decked out in costumes of various nationalities and decades surrounding the Renaissance (in a former life I was a costume designer/builder and can be a stickler for detail), though I think the overall effect was more Fantasy-like than historically based Renaissance but whatevah. A couple nerdy-boy tweenie cousins were archers, one of the dad's looked king-like (no crown, though), aunts wore various wenchy/peasanty-type costumes. The best man had made his costume by hand, I believe, and spent the wee hours of Sat. night/Sunday a.m. finishing the bride's gown (she had made the 2 bridesmaid dresses and wanted to do her gown as well). The groomsman had hand-cast and sculpted his Roman Legionnaire "armor" (it was pretty impressive). Matt, the groom, sported a sword that matched his scarlet and black outfit. A couple of guests were dressed up. But not me. Or Frank. Or many people over the age of 25, other than family members.

Like I said before, the ceremony was supposed to start at 2. Actual starting time was after 3 because Erica, the bride, was running late.

Matt and Erica couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather cooperated - not too hot or humid like it can be here in Illinois in the summertime. They looked great and their vows were touching and heartfelt. Alas, I did not take any pictures. In the hustle and bustle of getting to Allerton, I forgot the camera. D'oh!

The reception was held at the scrumptious Silvercreek Restaurant in Urbana, which Matt and Erica had rented out for the occasion. A variety of appetizers were available to munch on while we guests awaited the arrival of Lord and Lady Curry (seriously, they played up the theme big time - it was kind of cute) and the bar was open for the night.

By 7 we were seated for dinner and then my phone rang. It was my sister, "I've had a request for a sleep over, " she said, "It's OK by me if it's OK with you." "Sure," I replied, "what about Evan?" (my son does not like sleeping away from his parents at all). "He says he's going to stay but why don't you call before you leave and talk to him."

The reception was winding down around 9, so that's when we decided to take our leave. I called Katy and got the answer I had anticipated, "Evan changed his mind. He wants to come home." So off to Philo to retrieve our boy. Of course, Flynn stayed and Evan and I had to go get her in the morning and get her to preschool.

We wish Matt and Erica a lifetime filled with love and laughter and thank them for including us in their wedding day. And for making my birthday that much more special.

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