19 July 2008

Just A Couple Of Things

I've been away from the computer for longer than I anticipated. I spent 2 days cleaning the house like a mad woman because I got a call from my truly excellent Mother-In-Law the other day stating that she and my equally excellent Sister-In-Law and her two daughters would be coming down a day early (Fri.) and going home Sat. evening instead of Sunday.

1. Frank is mostly back to normal after his trip to the ER Wed. night. He got home around 11:30 after sitting there with an IV of antibiotics circulating through his system and a diagnosis of a peritonsillar abscess. By Thursday he could go back to work so hooray for drugs.

2. We have friends who are currently out of the country and were expecting the delivery of the Mr.'s new motorcycle. I was designated the signor for said motorbike, which meant I would be toting my kids over to their home to await (and wait and wait) for the chopper delivery man on whatever day they deemed worthy. The bike finally made it's way here on Friday and was supposed to be delivered between the hours of 2 and 3 in the afternoon. At 3:00 I called the delivery man and asked where he was. I was told it would be another hour or so. It was 90+ degrees out and my kids were in the car watching a movie (I didn't want to mess up our friends' home so after a bit of playing inside I brought my kids out, plus they didn't have their ac on and it was stifling inside). And I was expecting my MIL & SIL around the now-expected time of the bike. Fuming, I took the kids home in case our company arrived early. At 4:00 I put the kids back in the car and drove back over to Savoy (or Puerto Rico as dubbed by Looseyfur) and met the motorcycle man in the driveway. All I had to do was open the garage, sign for the bike, and close the garage. Grrrrr.

3. My MIL, SIL & nieces showed up around 4:45. The kids and I had been home for 30 minutes. The ladies came down to celebrate Flynn's birthday (actually this Friday) and to attend Evan and Flynn's Taekwondo graduation ceremony on Sat. We haven't seen them in a month so it was really good to catch up.

4. As of today we have cut our time at the Taekwondo studio in half (from 4 to 2 days/week). Yipee! Flynn earned her camouflage belt and entry into the "big kids" class (i.e., her brother's class). Evan is now a red belt and will be a decided black belt before his next birthday. My mom and step-dad came, as did my sister and her 2 little girls. Both my kids were so proud to show off their moves for their aunts and grandparents.

5. After viewing my photo mosaic, Evan and Flynn said, "Me, too! I want to do one!" So we did.
Here they are:
1. Flynn 2. chicken nuggets 3. catholic school 4. red, pink, purple 5. Hannah Montana 6. Root Beer 7. Disney World 8. mint chocolate chip ice cream 9. veterinarian 10. playing with my brother 11. loving 12. Roo1. Evan 2. tomato 3. catholic school 4. red 5. George Lucas 6. hot cocoa 7. Antarctica 8. cupcake (and that some person has made Totoro cupcakes was just perfect) 9. astronaut 10. playing with my friends 11. curious 12. monkey (it's a picture of Jupiter)

What I really like about these mosaics is that you really get a sense of each person's personality through the pictures they choose. For example, if you know my kids in real life, you can look at those mosaics and think, "Yep, that's Flynn" or "That's totally Evan."

Tomorrow I reclaim my dining room as my sewing pit and get cracking on dresses for my niece and assorted other projects. That is, if the kids and I aren't at the pool...


Looseyfur said...

LOL, I use Puerto Rico, but the origins of that particular blog jargon came directly from the Freak household.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

oliveloafdesign said...

oh i LOVE their mosaics! how cute. and i love tomatoes & mint chocolate chip ice cream too! (and since i've been an almost vegan i JUST discovered a Tofutti version-OH JOY!)
can't even believe your hubster got the same thing i had. nasty.