16 July 2008

3rd Post Today or Illness Update

OK, so you all know that my husband's been down since Sunday with the ick.

Monday, he went to Convenient Care and had a rapid strep test taken (that came back negative). He still had a fever of around 102.

Yesterday the fever broke but his throat was still killing him. He hasn't been able to get much sleep because of the pain.

Today he called in for the results of the cultured strep test and was told, "You don't have Strep A, but you do have a strain of Strep. You can pick up your antibiotic prescription in an hour."

I took Flynn to school, her last day ever of preschool, went to the gym, picked her up and ran some errands then went home. Evan stayed home with his dad.

Frank's throat hurt so badly at dinner he had to leave the table. "How late is Convenient Care open?" he croaked when he returned a few minutes later. Off he went, where he saw a resident and then his GP who happened to be on call. His doctor told him, "There's an abscess in your throat. You'll want to go to the ER tonight and have them take care of it. It's not normal." The resident caught Frank on the way out and wanted to show the abscess to another doctor-in-training. You know, because it's just so cool. Or whatever.

So my husband's been at the ER for well over an hour.

I'm not expecting him home until really late.

Oh, and Flynn? She slept 13 hours and woke up yesterday with her temp hovering just over normal. She's fine.


McBloggy said...

Aw, that sucks.

Doctors annoy me. Why does it always take multiple visits to get things done?

I love the holding him up on his way to the ER to show off his pain. Very classy doc.

oliveloafdesign said...

OMG! I HAD THE SAME THING SEVERAL MONTHS AGO!! my abscess was so big the students at NW Hospital were stopping by to look at it! i was like the elephant man! they recoiled in horror! OH MY...it was heinous. I'm actually scheduled for a tonsilectomy in August (but due to crappy temp insurance...i may have to postpone)...wow...hang in there hubster!

MidlifeMutant said...


Yep, been there done that. It sux.

Best wishes to your hubs

Looseyfur said...

How is Frank holding up?